Deep drawing parts

Choose sipxmach to be your quality deep drawing supplier, will not wrong

What are the advantages of deep drawing? Deep drawing has many advantages over general stamping, machining, casting and injection molding. Sipxmach can help you reverse optimize existing parts by simplifying the design structure and simplifying parts that integrate multiple parts into a single stretch, thus reducing cost, waste, equipment costs, and time, and optimizing the structure […]

Save your stamping cost

16 tips(about stamping) to help you save millions of dollars

16 tips to help you save millions of dollars Established stamping suppliers provide you with stamping cost reduction guide Sipxmach, a professional stamping die and stamping manufacturer in China, introduces 16 ideas to reduce the cost of stamping parts from various aspects, including material selection, stamping part design, tooling, procurement and supplier management. I hope I […]

9step of stamping process

NINE processes of metal stamping, explain the stamping process by step

The stamping process is often confusing when the metallurgical process required for the product is determined by a stamping plant that is just getting started or a customer who is not very familiar with stamping. Sipxmach recommends that when selecting a metal stamping process, priority is given to: Impact of stamping process on product function […]


SipxMach shows the metal stamping history

Sipxmach was found in2012, and the oldest stamping engineers is more than 25years’ stamping work experience. He shares the history of stamping technology improvements in China. 1. Manual stamping The occluded gap of the stamping part needs to be cut by the staff with scissors. The edge line needs to be marked manually with a cutting needle […]

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