Features of Die Machining

(1) The precision of die machining is high. The auxiliary mouldis generally composed of a concave mold, a convex mouldand a mouldframe, and some may also be a multi-piece assembly module. Therefore, the combination of the upper and lower molds, the combination of the insert block and the cavity, and the combination between the modules require […]

Precautions for Mould Manufacturing

1. Mould manufacturing should pay attention to the concise process preparation and detailed expression, and the processing content should be expressed numerically as much as possible; 2. At the key and difficult points of processing, the process should be specially emphasized; 3. The combination processing office is required, and the process is clearly expressed; 4. When […]

Performance of Plastic Mould

1. Small moulddensity: The low density of plastics is of great significance for reducing the weight of machinery and equipment and saving energy, especially for vehicles, ships, aircrafts, and spacecraft. 2. High specific strength and specific stiffness: The absolute strength of plastics in  machining mould  materials is not as high as metal, but the density of plastics […]

Selection of Mould

In the mould manufacturing, mouldselection is a very important part of the entire mould manufacturing process. The selection of materials for the mouldneeds to meet three principles. The mould meets the work requirements of wear resistance and toughness. The mould meets the process requirements. At the same time, the mouldshould meet the economic applicability. Requirements 1. Wear resistance […]

Tool and die Machining Process Performance

Tool and die Machining Process Performance The manufacturing of the mouldgenerally goes through several processes such as forging, cutting, and heat treatment. In order to ensure the manufacturing quality of the mouldand reduce the production cost, the material should have good forgeability, cutting workability, hardenability, hardenability and grindability; it should also have small oxidation, decarburization […]

Heat Treatment of Brass

The heat treatment is inevitable in the process of brass machining. The heat treatment of brass processing is mainly divided into recrystallization annealing and stress relief annealing. The necessity of annealing treatment of processed brass: During the processing of brass, such as drawing treatment, extrusion deformation and other machining treatments will make the brass hard, […]

Method for Processing Brass Crafts

Method for machining brass craftsApparatus and process for horizontal continuous casting of copper alloy bars. The cored power frequency heater and melt ditch in the prior art are omitted; the bottom of the thermal insulation package is sloped and inclined toward the channel connecting the crystallizer; the thermal insulation package adopts a multi-layer structure and […]

Swiss Sarix micro-discharge machining application

Product workpieces: air film hole swiss machining on aero-engine blades, engine fuel nozzle punching, chemical fiber spinneret hole machining, clock and watch gears, decoration and other precision parts hole machining, **instrument parts hole machining on instruments, fine molds Swiss micro-precision EDM machine, a special micro-discharge machining device that can process micro parts and micro holes, […]

Small precision machined artifact-Swiss-type lathe

The swiss lathe machine is also called Swiss precision slitting lathe, which is mainly used to process small precision workpieces and is widely used in watch, military, automobile, aerospace, electronics and other industries.    As we all know, Switzerland is a powerful country in watchmaking, which is inseparable from the Swiss-type walking machine of the […]

Preparation of Layered Metal Composites By Explosive Welding

Laminated metal composite material is a new type of functional material that uses high-energy-rate processing technology to combine different or different metal materials that cannot be connected by two or more common processing technologies (such as welding). The layered metal composite material combines the advantages of various components and makes up for their respective deficiencies. […]

Technology Of Industrial Black Titanium Plate And Color Titanium Plate

Rose gold stainless steel plates, as long as those who do stainless steel alloy decoration or have a little bit of knowledge in this area, can speak the term rose gold; because this rose gold is too commonly used, the amount is the largest; then What is the main use of stainless titanium alloy rose […]

Influence Of Element On The Function Of Titanium Rod

There are two shapes in the titanium rod, one is free carbon (graphite), which is mainly present in the cast green titanium, and the other is compound carbon (titanium carbide), which is mainly present in the steel-making raw titanium, and the titanium carbide is hard The brittleness, low plasticity, and proper content can improve the […]

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