The main workflow of CNC machining and CNC programming

In the CNC machining and manufacturing of Bit starz site industry, there are two main types of CNC machining technology. The first is the invar machining technology of CNC machine tools; the second is the programming technology of CNC machine tools. The technology that occupies a very important role in CNC machining technology is the […]

It is also critical to choose a good fixture for cnc machining center

The CNC machining center processes are concentrated, and the processed parts are generally more complex. The machining process requires a variety of tools. This requires the fixture to withstand large cutting forces and meet the positioning accuracy requirements. PTJ can improve production efficiency in the case of multi-variety, small-batch production, reduce the time of production […]

PTJ describes in detail what is precision casting, including those types?

Precision casting refers to the general term for obtaining precision-sized castings. Compared with the traditional sand casting process, the casting size obtained by precision casting is more accurate and the surface finish is better. It includes: investment casting, ceramic mold casting, metal mold casting, pressure casting, and lost foam casting. Precision casting is also called […]

The role of tool compensation in CNC machining

The function and significance of tool compensation in CNC machining The concept of tool compensation has been a long time since its emergence. For tool compensation, its actual function is to reduce the occurrence of errors by programmers in the process of programming. In the actual operation process, there is a certain difference between the […]

Method of controlling CNC machining speed

CNC machining is developing in the direction of high speed and efficiency. This includes the speed control of CNC machining aluminum. In order to make full use of the effective working stroke, the moving parts must accelerate to a high-speed stroke in a short time, and stop at the moment of the high-speed stroke. This […]

How to improve the quality of CNC precision machining?

In the machining industry, machining accuracy often determines the quality of processed parts to a large extent, and CNC precision titanium machining itself is a highly demanding machining method, which can achieve better results than traditional machining methods. There are many Other machining methods do not have the advantages, precision parts machining needs to produce […]

The little knowledge you don’t know about CNC precision machining is here!

CNC precision machining is actually index-controlled machining. After the design drawings are written into the program, the computer is connected to the CNC machine tool, and the operation of the CNC machine tool is controlled through programming to complete the titanium machining of precision workpieces. CNC precision machining is mainly suitable for small batches, The […]

Material requirements for precision parts machining

Material requirements for dense parts machining: not all materials can be precisely processed for precision parts advance cnc machining. Some materials are too hard to exceed the hardness of the processed parts, and the parts may collapse, so these materials are not suitable for precision Machined, unless it is a machine part made of special […]

Analysis of a series of functions of heat sink machining

Today, let‚Äôs learn about the various functions of heat sink machining. The heat sink machining structure is reasonable, and the designed stamping parts must be simple in shape and reasonable in structure, so as to simplify the mold structure and simplify the machining uhmw plastic quantity, that is, use less and simple stamping to complete […]

Plastic mold manufacturers cannot attract customers based on price alone

Plastic mold manufacturing companies can only drive development if they are profitable. What kind of plastic mold manufacturer custom pancake dies can forge ahead for long-term development? PTJ believes that only by having enough profit, the quality of the shots, and being satisfied with these two points can it maintain the operation of a factory. […]

Zinc alloy die casting technology

Zinc alloy die-casting is more cost-effective to use aluminum alloy when the structure and die-casting process permit. Because the specific gravity of zinc alloy is about 2.6 times that of aluminum alloy, but the price is equivalent, so in terms of material cost, zinc alloy die castings are two or three times more expensive than […]

Swiss Sarix micro-discharge machining application

Product workpieces: air film hole swiss machining on aero-engine blades, engine fuel nozzle punching, chemical fiber spinneret hole machining, clock and watch gears, decoration and other precision parts hole machining, **instrument parts hole machining on instruments, fine molds Swiss micro-precision EDM machine, a special micro-discharge machining device that can process micro parts and micro holes, […]

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