The most complete classification of polymer materials in history

machining uhmw/uhmw machining/machining uhmw plastic

Macromolecular materials, also called polymer materials, are materials composed of macromolecular compounds as the matrix and with other additives (auxiliary agents). Polymer material classification 1. Classification by source Polymer materials are classified into natural polymer materials and synthetic polymer materials according to their sources. Natural macromolecules are macromolecule substances that exist in animals, plants and … Read more

ASP-60 powder high speed tool steel

ASP-60 and ASP60 are synonyms, produced in Sweden, is an ultra-high alloy powder high-speed steel, its content of cobalt and vanadium is very high, and manufactured by powder metallurgy technology. This allows the steel to be very uniform and have consistent characteristics. Austenitic can also obtain very high hardness and compressive strength, it has the … Read more