The most complete classification of polymer materials in history

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Macromolecular materials, also called polymer materials, are materials composed of macromolecular compounds as the matrix and with other additives (auxiliary agents). Polymer material classification 1. Classification by source Polymer materials are classified into natural polymer materials and synthetic polymer materials according to their sources. Natural macromolecules are macromolecule substances that exist in animals, plants and … Read more

Which Grades of Chain Should I Choose?

Grades of Chain

Which Grades of Chain Should I Choose? There are many types of chains in the rigging industry, in this article we will explain what and how to choose the welded chain for your rigging applications. What is chain Grade? You may heard “Grade 80 Alloy chain,” “Grade 70 chain”, “Grade 43 chain” or “Grade 30 … Read more

How Are Wire Ropes Produced?

How Are Wire Ropes Produced

How Are Wire Ropes Produced? Wire ropes can be seen everywhere around us, they are made of strands or bundles of individual wires constructed around an independent core, suitable for construction, industrial, fitness, commercial, architectural, agricultural, and marine rigging applications. In this article, we will shortly describe how to produce the wire ropes. Wire rod … Read more

How to create metal no touch door opener

no touch door opener is hanging on a decorative item. Choosing a keychain with your favorite key not only reflects your personal mood and personality, but also shows your taste and brings you a happy mood. no touch door opener is a general term for neck jewelry. In fact, there are various types of ornaments … Read more