Clear CCNP RS Exam Certification Experience

First of all, the first step is to figure out what you are learning to learn CCNP   yourself. Is it to get a certification, or to learn more, or is it to improve your ability? Whether studying or working, clear goals are the most important.     You don’t need to look very carefully. The point is […]

Pass Microsoft 70 778 and 70 740 exams

MCSA is one of Microsoft’s role-based certification systems, full name is Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate. MCSA: BI Reporting is one of the pathways to this certificate, designed to demonstrate the expertise of technicians in analyzing data in Power BI and Excel. Related technologies include, but are not limited to, data analysis, data visualization, modeling, dashboards, […]

My Juniper Certification Journey: JN0 102 Exam

In fact, it should be more accurate to know Juniper certification. Although other certifications have separate certificates issued, personally it feels like a process. Similar to the Cisco certification process, there are many low-level certifications in the process of leading to JNCIE. JNCIA-JNCIS-JNCIP-JNCIE can be selected. Among them, JNCIA and JNCIS are low- and medium-level […]

The first 4D printed ceramic process appeared in Hong Kong

With the development of the world’s first ceramic 4D printing process, researchers at CityU in Hong Kong have created sturdy and extremely complex ceramic structures that are taking ceramic additive manufacturing to new heights. Developing truly innovative and interesting projects Most people in the AM industry know that 4D printing adds fourth-dimensional time to the […]

Labeling Machine

Labeling Machine

Labeling machine is machines that dispense, apply or print-and-apply labels to various items, products, containers, or packages.  The types of machines that do these operations vary from completely automatic print and apply high production units to simple manual dispensing devices. Labeling machines are designed to apply labels to a variety of products and packages. Because of their […]

Somethings about after the Oralce OCM exam

I remember when I graduated from college in 2011, I came to Beijing to apply for a job with a few classmates. The first job I did related to IT at that time was technical support (why it is related to IT, because there are other experiences, but this is what It belongs to Fanwai). […]

cycling helmet


Mountain biking is a wonderful experience. Almost any off-road ride will allow you to absorb the fresh air. It is also a good exercise for the body, you can enjoy the scenery of nature, and enjoy the long downhill belt. The excitement and pleasure that comes. If you are also a bicycle enthusiast, you may […]

JH-D30 tiny ITE hearing aids (Hercules)

The JH-D30 is a mini hearing aid that is inserted into your ear canal.  This promotes comfort for consistent, everyday use, in addition to being nearly invisible. In-ear placement takes the worry out of losing your device. Discreet and more compact than any other hearing aid in its class, fashion design in black/white color as […]

equstrian helmet


In terms of the most interesting items in the equestrian events, there is no doubt that the obstacle course is definitely the best. In many equestrian venue obstacle games, the CSIO Spruce Meadow Masters is known for its difficulty. (Equestrian helmet).  The CSIO Spruce Masters program is very challenging for riders. Rolex spokesperson and American […]

Climbing helmet


A sport that climbs the mountains. Mountaineering can exercise people’s perseverance and courage, and is of great significance to scientific research and resource development. Climbing HelmetMountaineering is a sport that climbs from low-altitude terrain to high-altitude peaks under specific requirements. Mountaineering can be divided into mountaineering adventures (also known as alpine adventures), competitive climbing (including rock […]


Maximise your safety on the bike, while remaining comfortable so you can fully focus on your performance and enjoy your ride, by choosing the right cycling helmet. All our helmets are certified to a European standard so you can be sure of the highest levels of protection. We stock helmets for both kids and adults, and […]

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