What should the child do?

In the hearing loss group, I found that many parents have a strange commonality, that is, they always ask questions in the group: “My child is severely hearing loss. Should I have a hearing aid or a cochlear?… Which parent? Know more about this, give some ideas!”

Every time I see a series of parents asking these questions, I can’t figure out: Who is this child? Who is the child’s condition? Who is notified when the doctor is diagnosed? There is no doubt that the child who knows the child best is the parents themselves. The doctor’s embarrassment also informed the parents.

The child was diagnosed with hearing loss, and many parents felt that the sky had collapsed. Indeed, no one is willing to have hearing loss for their children, but the reality is now the case. As parents are at a loss, they should quickly get up to the spirit, and the future of the child will not be delayed.

What should the child do?

After accepting the reality that children have hearing loss, parents should first understand the degree of hearing loss of children and learn at least some general knowledge of audiology. For example, the most basic listening requirements should be understood, such as bone conduction and air conduction. What are the low frequencies? What are the low frequencies? What are the results of the one-sided audiometry and the results of the guest observations? How do you intervene and verify? Know these for the next step. If parents don’t have these common senses themselves, what about the later recovery?

As for wearing a hearing aid, it is still a cochlea. This should not be left to others to make a resolution. The resolution of fault is often caused by blind ignorance. Only by conscious awareness can we make the right choice. Parents need to know more about the common sense of hearing aids and cochlear recovery, understand the benefits of cochlear surgery, and understand the quality of several current cochleas. This is very important.

The condition of each child is different, and the ideas and opinions of people who come over may not apply. Therefore, as a parent, it is necessary to adhere to his own opinions, and to communicate with experts and experienced parents.

Observe those children who have recovered well. In addition to the children’s good talents, parents also have their own ideas, plans and judgments. If the parents themselves are at a loss, why should the child recover well?

Some children attend normal primary schools, and they are really worried that their children are being bullied on campus, or that teachers are not good for children!”

Many parents are also worried that their children will be despised by teachers and classmates on campus. This issue deserves attention. Because it touches the child to recover the problem, it also touches on the child’s mental health and character composition.

This kind of worry can always be understood, but we must also actively take action. It is undeniable that the society’s tolerance for hearing impairment is far less than that of visual impairment. In order to give children an outstanding learning environment, they advocate that parents can seriously visit the principals and teachers of their children’s campus and communicate with them. Teachers should pay more attention to the strengths of their children and pay more attention to their children’s mental health… Parents should also observe the child’s behavior regularly.

But life is so long, children always have to be independent. The contempt and condemnation of the outside world is an objective existence that is not controlled. What we can exercise is the child’s own understanding. When the child is facing the unfriendly outside world, he can guide the TA to the open-minded face. Together, nurture your child’s favorite feats and let the children find pride.

Of course, what we need to know is that letting our children become mentally healthy does not mean that the child is patient. The child’s hearing alone is not harmful and does not mean losing his rights and dignity. In fact, in modern society, most situations are not contempt and condemnation. At most, it is a kind of curiosity, not as bad as we imagined. Not only that, but many children are very popular!

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