How do older people protect their hearing?

Elderly people protect hearing

1. Get medical advice in time for the best treatment time.

When 2. can’t be cured, you should choose a professional hearing aid fitting center as soon as possible for scientific testing and fitting.

3. Try to avoid strong noise or wear anti-noise earplugs.

4. Try to avoid water or foreign matter entering the ear canal to prevent ear hearing infection from causing hearing loss. 5. When there is too much earwax, it is not advisable to remove it yourself. You should ask your doctor to solve it so as not to damage your hearing again.

6. Keep plenty of sleep time, feel good, and avoid getting angry. (Tinnitus patients should pay more attention).

7. Ototoxic drugs are taken under the guidance of a doctor.

8. Always pay attention to your hearing situation and check your hearing regularly.

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