Improve the hearing of the elderly

Senile deafness is the manifestation of the aging process of the human body in the auditory organs. The pathogenesis of senile deafness is more complicated. It is still unclear. How to improve the hearing of senile deafness? Get up early every morning, go to the air fresh place, the mouth will be Maximize the opening, let out a sigh of relief, then take a breath and then close it up. This is a combination of 100 and 200, which is very helpful for strengthening the brain. The mouth-opening exercise method is simple and easy, especially suitable for middle-aged and elderly people.

Senile deafness

1. Opening and closing the mouth can make the muscles of the face move rhythmically. These muscles are exercised during exercise and the muscle fibers are developed and thickened. The muscle mass increases and the face appears full and rich.

2. The deep breathing movement of the mouth can open the chest, increase the lung capacity, let the lungs inhale more fresh air, promote the body’s metabolism, enhance the function of various organs of the body, and slow down the aging process.

3. When the morning is up, the brain is not fully awake, and the mouth is one and the other, the nerves of the face are stimulated to stimulate the brain, so that the brain is all awake, the ideas are quick, and the work efficiency is improved. In addition, through nerve reflex, the cerebral blood vessels continue to contract and expand, so the elasticity is enhanced, which is helpful for preventing senile dementia and stroke.

4. Open mouth and mouth can make the throat get active, keep the eustachian tube unobstructed, keep the pressure inside and outside the ear in balance, and prevent senile deafness, tinnitus and ear disease dizziness.

5. Open your mouth and open your mouth to smash your teeth, exercise your gums, strengthen your teeth and prevent premature tooth loss.

6. tympanic membrane massage will also have a certain effect, the method is: use both hands to hold the ear, and then use the force to do 20 times a day.

According to observations, people who often use the mouth-opening fitness method, the crane hair and the child’s face, the ears are bright and clear, and the old and the strong. This method is simple and easy, no side effects, old friends, may wish to try.

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