What is senile convulsion?

Senile deafness

First of all, the definition of the elderly is: people who reach or exceed 65 age; age 聋 refers to hearing loss caused by aging of the auditory system, the pathological changes are mainly in the cochlea and sinus, clinical manifestations of high frequency hearing loss, speech recognition The rate is lowered, and the latency of brain stem evoked potential is prolonged. Clinically, the auricular sympathetic sensorineural hearing loss that begins to appear in old age is diagnosed as senile sputum after excluding other causes. In daily life, the main expression is that the small voice can’t be heard, the loud voice is afraid of noisy, and sometimes people can hear the voice but can’t hear the speech content, the speech recognition rate drops significantly, and some elderly people will be accompanied by tinnitus.

The aging of the auditory organs is a natural law, and there is currently no way to reverse this process. But it is not to say that we can ignore the senile hearing loss and indifference; it does not mean that there is no prevention, treatment and rehabilitation for senile hearing loss. Years of clinical practice have shown that there is a set of effective interventions for senile hearing impairment.
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