How to choose a hearing aid for the elderly

Fitted hearing aids, whether young or old, the fitter will consider the hearing loss (hearing loss), speech resolution, problem to be solved, and economic strength. The machine is for you.

The appearance of the hearing aid is 2, one is hanging on the ear and the other is inside the ear.

How to choose a hearing aid for the elderly

So, the hearing aids are fitted:

First, go to the professional fitting center: take the old man to the nearest or convenient transportation center, you must go to the old man, because in the fitting center, the fitter will test the hearing, speech recognition rate and hearing aids for the elderly, family The description is not the feeling of the elderly. Professional fitting center, after-sales protection, there is a manufacturer’s authorization, so you go to the store to see if there is a manufacturer’s authorization. If there is no power of attorney, the later sale is very troublesome.

Second, audition hearing aids, the fitter should take more than 2 machines for the elderly to listen to, the sound quality of different brands of machines is not the same, so the old man personally to feel, like to listen to which sound quality.

Look at what problems the elderly want to solve, and look at the old man’s tolerance to noise. If it is sensitive to noise, it is better to choose a better noise reduction effect. If the elderly are well tolerated by noise, they can choose some economical machines, mainly to look at the feelings of the elderly.

Third, choose a service center with guaranteed after-sales service. It is best to choose some fitting centers that have more interests for themselves, such as 30 Day dissatisfaction, unconditional full refund, free retest hearing, free maintenance and so on.

Reminder: The entire fitting process is about 1-2 hours, please prepare your family for the time.

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