Old people wearing hearing aids

Wearing a hearing aid can effectively improve the hearing of senile deafness patients, but some elderly people worry that wearing hearing aids for a long time will aggravate deafness. Wearing a multi-functional hearing aid that matches the hearing loss and debugging accurately will not harm residual hearing. In fact, choosing the right hearing aid can help the elderly’s brain resist the degradation of the ability to distinguish sounds, and there will be no problems such as inaccurate discrimination. But be careful not to go into the following three misunderstandings:

Old people wearing hearing aids

Myth 1: Deafness can be cured by it.

Older neurological deafness can not be repaired because of injury to the inner ear or auditory nerve cells. The deaf patients do not blindly resort to intervention and miss the opportunity to wear hearing aids.

Myth 2: Hearing aids are actually the same, just buy one.

Most of the random purchases are simulators, which amplify the noise while amplifying the language. If you can’t hear it, you can’t protect your hearing. The digital hearing aid allows you to hear clearly and protect your remaining hearing. The digital camera needs a professional fitting. Its function is unmatched by the simulator.

Myth #3: I have retired at home and I don’t need a hearing aid.

Hearing aids are a good helper for improving the quality of life. Many old couples retiring at home, because of poor communication and mutual suspicion, have caused many family conflicts, and have made the children who are busy with work a big headache, not only reducing the quality of life in their later years but also affecting family relationships.

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