What should the elderly pay attention to when wearing a hearing aid?

Many social surveys have shown that hearing impairment is more prevalent in the elderly population, but its attention is far from enough, which seriously affects their quality of life and physical and mental health, and thus brings to the family and society. Great negative impact.

Once the elderly find that their hearing is declining, they should go to the hospital in time for treatment. After identifying the cause, they should actively adopt treatment and rehabilitation methods. Do not stick to the traditional concept. “Old people have old ears and old eyes” is a natural law that cannot be changed. Rehabilitation. Because the neuropsychological program test for the elderly shows that the elderly group with hearing impairment has poor regulation belief, poor psychological state and depression tendency. This shows that hearing impairment is not so “natural”. It also causes psychological trauma to patients, which seriously affects the quality of life of their patients, greatly reduces their initiative in participating in society, and brings more personal, family and society. Big loss.


At present, sensorineural hearing loss accounts for the majority of hearing impairment in the elderly, and the reasonable use of hearing aids is its main means of rehabilitation. There are no strict contraindications and time limits for the elderly to wear hearing aids. Anyone who affects normal life and socialization or who is ineffective in medicine or surgery can be equipped with hearing aids under the guidance of professionals to improve their hearing.

With the development of electroacoustic technology for hearing aids, patients with deafness who used to think that they should not wear hearing aids may also choose hearing aids with appropriate performance. It can also be said that any deaf patients who are expected to improve their verbal communication ability can become an assistant for hearing aids. Object. In general, moderate hearing loss users benefit most from the use of hearing aids. However, the progression of deafness is a pathological process that is not affected by the use of hearing aids.

Hearing aids are broadly divided into three categories: collective, desktop and portable. Personal hearing aids are mainly portable. The portable type can be divided into a box type, a back type and an in-ear type according to different placement positions. Although the box type is low in cost, the carrying position is conspicuous and the effect is poor, and it is less accepted by the patient. The behind-the-ear fuselage is behind the auricle, small in size and relatively concealed. It can meet the psychological needs of the deaf and is the most widely used. The ear is worn in the ear, and the shape is masked, which is also favored by various people.

Scientific selection of hearing aids is to choose an amplifier that is clear, comfortable to wear, and suitable for gain, taking into account the power of the hearing aid, frequency response characteristics matching, maximum sound output and other technical indicators.

In the primary hearing aid, the audiology test should be carried out by the professional according to the medical history. According to the hearing test results and the patient’s needs, the main technical indicators required by the hearing aid analyzer test are determined to select the appropriate hearing aid. Many elderly people may feel fatigue and discomfort after wearing a hearing aid for a few days. Usually, as long as they are worn, the discomfort will gradually decrease after one week.

At present, hearing aids on the market are more popular with brands such as Starck, Denmark, Odicon, Resound, and Swiss Phonak. Prices range from thousands to more than 20,000 yuan. The all-digital computer programming hearing aid is relatively expensive, with high-definition digital, natural voice, high discrimination, loud sound quality, human design and so on, quite popular with people.

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