How the elderly adapt to hearing aids

How to adapt to hearing aids

Professional fitting of 1.

Older people need to go to a professional hearing aid fitting center for fitting before wearing a hearing aid. “Finishing” refers to the selection of a hearing aid suitable for your hearing condition under the guidance of a professional technician of a hearing aid. Everyone’s hearing loss varies widely, and even if they are the same or the same, everyone’s habits and feelings about the hearing aids are different. And the hearing aids themselves are very different, each category, each paragraph has its own characteristics. In addition, elderly people with mixed deafness and neurological deafness have poor resolution of sound. In addition to using high-definition hearing aids with special circuits, a certain training process is required. Therefore, professional hearing aid fitting can make the elderly adapt to wearing hearing aids as soon as possible.

2. volume gradually increases

Old people just wearing a hearing aid can’t adjust the sound too much. The hearing aid can amplify all the sounds, and the elderly with hearing loss live in a “quiet environment” for a long time. Suddenly, the various sounds of the outside world will be very uncomfortable, causing boredom and even resisting. Therefore, the volume of the hearing aids worn by the elderly should be moderately adjusted and gradually increased after getting used to it.

3. Time is from short to long

Older people wear hearing aids for a certain period of adaptation. There is a difference between the sound heard in the initial wearing of the hearing aid and the sound heard by the original hearing. Therefore, it is necessary for the elderly to wear a hearing aid for an 1 to 3 month adaptation period. The wearing time of the hearing aid should not be too long during the adaptation period, every few minutes, and then gradually extend the time after the ear is used.

4. The environment is from quiet to noisy

Because the elderly are in a “quiet environment” for a long time, the environment that is wearing the initial noise of the hearing aid will make the elderly feel uncomfortable. Therefore, it is recommended that the elderly do not rush to the downtown after wearing the hearing aid. Listen to some simple sounds, such as bird songs and water sounds. After the fitness is enhanced, watch the TV and listen to the radio and other complex listening activities.

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