Why do old people do not want to wear hearing aids?

Sometimes, parents are also stubborn like children.

Many elderly people are obsessed with reading glasses after watching TV and playing mobile phones, but prefer to turn the volume to the maximum and talk with people, but they are not willing to use hearing aids.

Can accept reading glasses, but do not want to wear hearing aids, why do the elderly have this kind of psychology, everyone knows?

Wearing a hearing aid

After hearing loss, the elderly usually go through the following stages of psychological development:

The first stage: denial

In the early days of hearing loss, the vast majority of the elderly believed that hearing loss did not affect their physical health, so they denied the fact of hearing loss.

In fact, denial is a phased manifestation of defensive psychology. In response to senile hearing loss patients in this period, we need to be in a position to understand the dilemma and help the elderly to actively pass the “denial” phase instead of forcing them to make changes.

Second stage: passive acceptance

As time goes by, the old man will gradually change from a denial to a passive acceptance, realizing that the fact that it is unclear is naturally occurring with age.

However, passive acceptance does not mean that they are willing to make changes, and most elderly hearing loss patients are still reluctant to intervene.

The psychology of accepting hearing loss but not willing to take the initiative to treat is the root cause of the elderly losing confidence and not wanting to make any improvement in hearing loss.

For the elderly hearing loss patients in this period, family members and audiologists will face more communication and communication, and popularize more popular science knowledge to the elderly in this period, and subtly realize the importance of early intervention.

The third stage: self-image maintenance

At this stage, although the elderly have accepted the fact that their hearing has declined, some elderly hearing loss patients think that wearing hearing aids will make them look “different” because they do not want hearing aids. Make your own image change.

In fact, with the continuous development of hearing aid technology, ITC, CIC, IIC and other in-ear hearing aids have already become effective solutions. Modern digital hearing aids not only improve performance, but also become smaller and more stylish.

Another reason is that parents feel that they are older and feel that hearing is worse. It is a matter of course. Hearing aids don’t match well. There is not much communication with people. It’s better to save money when you don’t match your children. It’s ok to make a big noise. This part of the population is a group of people who have become a habit of saving, or whose family economic ability is not very good. If you want to make your home more harmonious, for the family, for the happiness of the elderly in your old age, you can spend as much money as possible to give your parents a hearing aid.

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