Elderly hearing aids generally price

Nowadays, as people’s health awareness becomes stronger, hearing aids are slowly coming into people’s sights. However, many of my friends are very familiar with the price of hearing aids. Today, I will share with you the price analysis of hearing aids.

The price of hearing aids, compared with online stores, is indeed quite different. Maybe the most 1000-2000 block of hearing aids on the Internet, went to the store to ask, this is actually just the starting price. This is a bit unclear, and it’s really awkward. Xiaobian wants to say that, of course, the physical store is true.

Elderly hearing aid price

Hearing aids are generally divided into analog and digital machines. The simulator is online. After you buy it, you can wear it directly. The volume is adjusted by yourself. It is usually hung on your ear. Of course, there are also stuffed ears, but it is not based on your ear canal model, so you can only add an earplug to the front of the ear canal. The general price of this kind of machine is around 500-1000 (early back type). If it is such a stuffed ear canal, it is usually about 1500.

Next, let’s talk about the digital machine. The price of the digital machine is a little different. From 2000 to 50000, what is the difference? The general fitter will say that you choose the ear and the effect is good. Is this really the case?

Different hearings are suitable for different hearing aids. Basically, the ear canal is versatile, and the ear canal has certain limitations. However, the difference between the two is not large, generally the difference between the same paragraph does not exceed 2000. For example, ITE, we call the ear machine, as seen in the following figure, it may be as long as the 5000 block, then it is smaller, the ITC ear canal is slightly more expensive, the 6000 block is to be made smaller, and the CIC deep ear canal is possible. About 6500 yuan. Then the relative same back and forth machine is also around 6000.

So why is the digital machine somewhat more than the 5000 block, or even higher? That involves the internal chip function of the hearing aid. Let me give you an example. There are three products, 15000 yuan/25000 yuan/35000 yuan, and they are all ear-back machines. The most straightforward difference is that the number of channels and frequency bands is different. The higher the general price, the more the number of channels, the more the number of channels, the better the customer’s experience of audition. But it emphasizes that not more, the better, because if the fitter does not adjust, it is not a slap in the face.

Another example, such as 2.5 million will have one more MFi function than 1.5 (Bluetooth direct hearing aid, the phone is very clear), one more directional function / wind noise suppression / sound purifier and so on. 3.5 million has more binaural integration/stereo directionality than 2.5, so the recommended mid-level hearing aids are almost the same.

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