Elderly hearing aids

Hearing problems have become a major health problem for the elderly in today’s society. China has entered an aging society. According to data analysis, there are hearing disabilities and speech communication disorders in older people with 30% or more in China, and senile deafness seriously affects normal life. It is imperative to improve the quality of life of the elderly through modern hearing aid facilities.

Poor hearing triggers a chain reaction

Physiologically, hearing will gradually decrease with age. In general, after 60, there will be different degrees of deafness, but some people will have deafness at the age of 40 or 50. The problem is that some elderly people feel that they have been abandoned by their families after deafness, which in turn leads to depression. If you ignore it at this time, it will cause psychological trauma to the elderly. Experts suggest that once the hearing loss of the elderly is found, the family should promptly encourage and accompany the elderly to the hospital. Active treatment after finding out the cause. In fact, while hearing is weakened, the ability of the elderly to accept information from the outside world is also weakening. In addition, it can also cause language barriers in the elderly. Because the auditory and auditory language centers are in the same temporal lobe, and the auditory language center needs the intact auditory system to transmit. When hearing loss is reduced, the auditory conduction is reduced, and the information received by the auditory language center is naturally reduced accordingly. This is what people often say. dumb”. This long-term “disharmony” between the auditory and auditory language centers can lead to functional failure in a particular area of ​​the brain, causing Alzheimer’s disease. Taking positive measures can avoid or delay the occurrence and development of senile deafness.

Elderly hearing aids

How to choose a hearing aid

Generally, normal elderly deaf patients are suitable for hearing aids, but hearing aids have no therapeutic effect on diseases that cause deafness. Some diseases that cause deafness have a greater impact on health, and some may even threaten life. Therefore, the elderly who suffer from deafness must first go to the hospital for detailed examination, including ear examination and hearing measurement. The doctor can only test after diagnosis. After wearing the hearing aid, the ear can hear clear voice, the tone is more pleasant, the ear does not feel pain, but also pay attention to the size of the earplug, preferably with a volume adjuster.

Deaf people often feel harsh when they first wear a hearing aid. This is because the hearing aid amplifies the sound of the environment while amplifying the sound of the hearing. The deaf person should patiently adhere to it for a period of time and gradually become accustomed to and adapt.

Old people wear hearing aids to avoid four major misunderstandings

At present, the treatment of senile deafness should be three early: early detection, early treatment, early intervention. Wearing a hearing aid is an effective means, but the application of hearing aids needs to eliminate several misunderstandings:

First, not suitable for wearing hearing aids: After wearing the hearing aids, the old people will hear some environmental sounds that were not heard before, such as the sound of running water, the sound of the exhaust fan, the footsteps of walking, etc., will feel too noisy. Many old people will get bored with it. At this time, the old man should be told that he can hear the sound is a good thing, proving that the hearing is improved, not accustomed to being temporary, and slowly adapting.

Second, the price is expensive: “expensive” is a major reason why the elderly do not want to choose hearing aids. According to the degree of hearing loss and listening needs of the elderly, the power and clarity of the hearing aids required are different, and the prices naturally differ. At present, the price of hearing aids on the market ranges from one to two thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan and three to four thousand yuan. This does not mean that the more expensive hearing aids, the more suitable. In general, the shorter the hearing loss time, the less the listening needs, the lower the price of the hearing aid. Therefore, the elderly should wear hearing aids as soon as possible, so that they can improve their hearing early, and secondly, they can save money.

Third, the impact of image: Many elderly people can not accept the reality that their “ears are not good”, that wearing a hearing aid is like acknowledging that they are blind and affecting the image. In fact, the new technology has made these hearing aid components small and precise, and it is hidden after wearing. At present, the smallest ultra-invisible custom machine is only peanut-sized, and the behind-the-ear hearing aid is much smaller than the Bluetooth headset. It is light and beautiful, and does not affect the instrument and image at all.

4. It is not inaudible to wear: it is too noisy. Many middle-aged people will buy “cheap” and “appropriate” hearing aids in the store or pharmacy after they have hearing problems. After wearing them, they feel noisy and inaudible. This kind of practice is completely unacceptable. Hearing aids are second-class medical devices that cannot be purchased and used at will. They must be worn by professional hearing aids before they can be worn.

When the old man wears a hearing aid to some of the voices, the old man can wear a hearing aid to the street, such as: go to the market to buy food, go to the supermarket, etc., if the old man on the street feels too noisy, it is recommended that the elderly do not go to the street for the time being. The hearing function of the elderly has not recovered, and the old man has no habit of listening for a long time because of his hearing loss. Therefore, he should be reminded before he talks with him. Try to slow down the speech, clear the words, and gradually train, so that the elderly slowly recover the auditory function. The benefits of wearing hearing aids for the elderly.

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