Why do older people refuse to wear hearing aids?

The elderly wear a hearing aid and the family needs more cooperation.

After wearing the hearing aid, the old man will hear some environmental sounds that he could not hear before, such as the sound of running water, the sound of the exhaust fan, the footsteps of walking, etc., which will feel too noisy. Many old people will get bored with it. At this time, the old man should be told that he can hear the sound is a good thing, prove that the hearing is improved, not accustomed to being temporary, and slowly adapt to encourage the elderly to pass the adaptation period.


Elderly people wearing hearing aids

Refused hearing aids for insufficient reasons

Reason one: hearing aids are expensive

The survey shows that “expensive” is a major reason why older people are reluctant to choose hearing aids. Dr. Huang Qingping said: “According to the degree of hearing damage of the elderly, the power and clarity of the hearing aids are different, and the price is naturally different.” At present, the price of hearing aids on the market ranges from several hundred yuan to several thousand yuan. It does not mean that the more expensive the hearing aid, the more suitable it is. In general, the lower the level of hearing damage, the lower the price of the hearing aids that are equipped. Therefore, hearing aids should be worn as soon as possible in the elderly.

Reason 2: Influence the image

Many elderly people cannot accept the reality that their “ears are not good”. They think that wearing a hearing aid is like acknowledging that they are blind and affecting the image.

In recent years, in terms of technology content, hearing aids have fully entered the all-digital era: wide dynamic range compression, open ear selection, multi-microphone adaptive orientation system, digital feedback suppression, multi-channel noise reduction, audibility expansion, etc. Hearing losers provide excellent sound quality, greatly improve the situation of poor hearing, solve communication problems, and fully meet the needs of daily life.

Reason 3: It is not unclear to wear, it is too noisy

Nowadays, network information and services are developing rapidly. After hearing problems in many middle-aged and elderly people, they will think of going online to search for “knowledge” and see if there are any cheap, “suitable” hearing aids on the Internet, or buy one at the store nearby. Hearing aids are worn, and this is not true.

Wearing a hearing aid is an important means of improving hearing in the elderly. However, hearing aids cannot be purchased and used at will, and must be subjected to strict fitting before they can be worn.

Jinghao medical Hearing Reminder: To choose the right hearing aid, you must go to a professional hearing aid fitting institution for professional fitting, and you should not buy it at the store or pharmacy. We often find that some elderly people have bought several hearing aids in their homes and put them in a drawer. One can’t use them. After using it, it is not too noisy, it is unclear; it does not cost money, but also makes the elderly have a fear of hearing aids! It is very important to choose a professional hearing aid fitting center and hearing aid fittings! All aspects of the problem can be called to the Jinghao medical consultation, or personally come to the center experience. Hearing aid free consultation phone: +86-18566295705
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