Pros and cons of wearing hearing aids for the elderly

After each person’s age, there are more or less hearing loss, some like humming, some like the wind, some like a car boom. Tinnitus often makes people irritated and affects sleep. Many elderly people think that the hearing loss of the elderly and the old eyes are normal physiological aging phenomenon, which is a common senile disease. Therefore, quite a lot of elderly people can’t get the attention of the children except they are silently endured.

Some people think that the deafness of the elderly is justified, like white hair. The “good beauty” blackens it, and it is not a good thing to let it develop. This is not the case. The original meaning of “smart” is the ear and the eye, the ear is not clear and unclear and clever, and the harm is big. Listening and speaking are closely related, and hearing impairment will inevitably lead to barriers to verbal communication, and eventually lead to psychological barriers. From this perspective, if deafness is considered to be a disability, it is not a single disability, but a “multiple disability” in some sense.

Elderly people wearing hearing aids

Because of the inability to communicate properly, many elderly deaf patients have changed their personality and become stubborn. They can’t listen to different opinions. More seriously, some elderly deaf patients have depression, anxiety, disappointment and pessimism, and senile dementia; even some elderly deaf patients become suspicious, in addition to deafness, there are some dangers: no ringing, whistling, It is easy to get out of traffic accidents; it is easy to hear the environment and easily feel unsafe. Hearing loss benefits of wearing a hearing aid

Can deafness be treated? It is not a question that can be clearly stated in one or two sentences. However, patients with deafness can help their hearing level by wearing a hearing aid. So, is it good to wear hearing aids? What are the benefits? For moderate to For patients with severe deafness, hearing aids can’t restore your hearing, but it can significantly improve your listening performance. In the past long hours, you can’t hear sounds, such as bird calls, door bells, wind and water, which can be heard again after wearing a hearing aid. Hearing aids often improve the social, psychological and physical health and well-being of users.

So, what are the benefits of hearing aids for deafness?

1, better mental health status;

2, more concentrated in spirit;

3 is more acquainted with social groups;

4, better able to handle work;

5, get along with your family more harmoniously;

6, I feel better now;

7 can improve physical and physical health;

8, less fatigue, fatigue;

9, improve your social skills.

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