Be alert to children’s congenital deafness

People often say: “Longshenglong, Fengshengfeng, the son of a rat will make a hole”, so everyone takes it for granted that children who are deaf are generally only born in a deaf family.

Is this really the case? Actually, in fact, in China, about 6 million deaf patients are added every year, including congenital palsy, late onset, and drug sputum. About 60% of deafness is caused by genetic factors, and hereditary deafness is caused by genetic Chromosomal abnormalities cause the disease to be caused by changes in the genetic material of the parents to the offspring, of which 80% of the children with deafness are born to a couple with normal hearing. This is very different from everyone’s traditional cognition, “Children with deafness are mainly born in a deaf family.”

Congenital deafness in children

Why are most hereditary deafness born to a couple with normal hearing?

16 is a carrier of deafness gene mutations per 1 individual in a normal hearing population.

The common hereditary deafness that everyone is familiar with is “a slap in the face” and “a slap in the eye”.

A slap in the face: a slap in the face of a child with a deafness gene mutation, a large vestibular aqueduct syndrome. They are highly sensitive to shocks: when the head is hit, the child is thrown high, slapped, stimulated by loud sounds, colds, fever, etc., can cause deafness.

Acupuncture: A child with acupuncture has a drug-sensitive gene mutation, and the use of aminoglycosides can cause severe deafness or even a pinch. As we all know, the 21 performers of the Spring Festival Evening Dance “Avalokitesvara” are all deaf patients. Among them, 18 actors are caused by drugs, and most of them are caused by antibiotics during fever. Deafness is a kind of pain that can’t be relieved by parents and families. Therefore, it is important to detect the cause of deafness in the normal hearing population and to understand the cause of deafness.

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