Is dementia related to deafness?

The hearing loss of the elderly or the cause of senile dementia, Xiaobian learned: As the population ages, more and more elderly people suffer from hearing loss, while the elderly hearing loss or lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

Older hearing loss

Older people’s hearing loss, without wearing hearing aids will affect mental health development. According to scientific research, older people with hearing impairment have worse thinking and memory than those with normal hearing. Hearing loss, the brain’s stimulation of receiving sound is reduced, and it takes more energy to process the sound, thus sacrificing some of the energy originally used to deal with memory and thinking. In the long run, the thinking and memory of the old man will decline. Therefore, the elderly will have difficulties in communication and reduced communication in their lives. Over time, the old man lost his interest in socializing and gradually separated himself from the outside world, becoming silent and psychologically inferior. Hearing loss seriously affects the mental health of the elderly and even causes dementia in the elderly.

Experts say that senile hearing impairment is mainly a kind of degenerative change, which is a normal phenomenon in a certain sense. However, the elderly with hearing loss are trying to reduce the verbal communication with others because they are afraid of bothering others. As the hearing of the elderly further declines, the relatives and friends feel that it is too difficult to communicate with them, and they yell at it. Over time, the elderly tend to become lonely, irritable, cognitive decline, and even lead to Alzheimer’s disease. Remind everyone that if you have symptoms such as tinnitus, hearing ability and speech discrimination in a noisy environment, you should immediately go to a professional hearing aid fitting center to test your hearing and wear a hearing aid.

According to authoritative departments, the proportion of patients with hearing loss has increased significantly with age. 50/1 for 8 and older people, 65/3 for 8 and older people, and 70/92 for 7 to 8 . As the population ages, more and more elderly people will be affected by the decline in hearing.

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