What about the elderly tinnitus?

Many middle-aged friends may have tinnitus. Tinnitus means that you feel the sound that the outside world does not exist. Some are like drizzle, some are like snoring, some are like floods, some are like thunder, and people are upset and sleepless. rather.

The tinnitus of middle-aged people is mainly caused by the aging of the auditory system, and the incidence of tinnitus is increasing with age. Hypertension, arteriosclerosis, and cervical vertebrae hyperplasia are also causes of tinnitus; excessive smoke, alcohol, tea, and coffee, especially drugs such as streptomycin, gentamicin, and aspirin, which are harmful to the auditory nerve, It can also cause tinnitus.

Tinnitus may also be a symptom of some diseases, such as head trauma, noise or blast injury, Meniere’s disease, acoustic neuroma, and some neurological diseases in the brain. Therefore, patients with tinnitus should go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination, especially pure tone hearing, acoustic impedance, electrical response audiometry and necessary CT examination to rule out the tinnitus caused by the above diseases. Patients with persistent tinnitus, especially unilateral continuous tinnitus, must be treated by a specialist who may be an early symptom of a disease.

Elderly tinnitus

In addition to the symptomatic treatment of tinnitus, three methods can be used: one is to wear a hearing aid. This method is especially suitable for people who have both tinnitus and hearing loss. Hearing aids not only improve hearing, but also amplify noise in the environment, thus masking the sound of tinnitus. However, this method is not suitable for those who only feel tinnitus when they are quiet at night; the second method is to use a FM radio (not an ordinary AM radio) to adjust the radio to two during sleep. In the position between the stations, it will make a sound to cover the tinnitus; the third method is to buy a dedicated tinnitus masker. This small instrument can emit narrow-band noise similar to tinnitus; the masking sound strength can be adjusted by itself.

In the pulsating tinnitus of middle-aged and elderly people, it is possible to observe whether the tinnitus disappears by pressing the common carotid artery. If tinnitus is associated with blood vessels in the neck, factors such as hardening of the blood vessels and high blood pressure should be excluded. You can also try drugs that dilate blood vessels and lower blood lipids. Also check for otitis media or sputum embolism. Some people have pulsating tinnitus during sleep, which may be related to the turbulence of the blood caused by neck torsion. It is beneficial to properly adjust the head position and the height of the pillow.

Sedatives are more effective for people with insomnia and tinnitus. Often take some vitamin A, vitamin B and other drugs, but also have a certain effect. Chinese medicine believes that kidney opening in the ear, energy loss, excessive fatigue, is an important cause of tinnitus. Middle-aged people may have heavy workload or lack of energy. They should pay attention to adjusting the pace of life and avoid overwork and mental stress. Patients with tinnitus can also try the medicine for tonifying kidney and anti-aging.

Introduce several useful methods:

1. breath holding therapy

Hold the seat at a fixed rate, clench your teeth, pinch the nostrils with two fingers, and close your mouth for a blow, so that the gas is caught in the ear, until it feels loud and loud. Several times a day, even 2-3 days.

2. 搓 palm treatment

Sitting on the same side, 50 times on the palm of your hand, press the double-sided ear door when you are in the palm of your hand, so 6 times, even for 2-3 days.

3. Auricular Massage Adjustment

Massage the left and right auricles with both hands, repeatedly press and rub for a minute or two, or insert the tip of the middle finger into the outer ear of the patient’s ear. After gently shaking for dozens of times, the air of the external auditory canal is discharged and suddenly pulled out, and there is a “click”. . This can repeat 3 ~ 5 times.

4. Naruto Drumming

Massage the ears on both sides first. After the heat is generated, use the index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger of both hands to symmetry. Press the two sides of the middle finger to connect the two middle fingers. Then slide the two index fingers off the middle finger and hit the occipital bone like a drum. 24 times for the left hand and 24 times for the right hand, and 24 times for the last time.

5. Smart pillow making method

Use lotus leaf, Kudingcha, chrysanthemum, Prunella vulgaris, Viburnum, and Shichangpu to make pillow cores, often pillows, and have the effect of bright and clear eyes.


Jinghao medical hearing aid experts remind you: tinnitus problems should be taken seriously, do not let yourself go.

The treatment of tinnitus should be based on the cause of the disease, used to eliminate or minimize tinnitus.

Regardless of what kind of tinnitus is, once the cause is found and it can be effectively treated, tinnitus can often be better controlled.

In actual life, it is not easy to find out the cause. Although some find the cause, the solution is not easy to fix. Therefore, for tinnitus, we should try our best to avoid the role of drugs.

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