Older people with good hearing are more likely to live longer!

How to judge whether there is any problem with your hearing?

1. Hearing declines, such as the voice becomes louder, can’t be heard when talking to people, and needs to be repeated;

2. Tinnitus and earache;

3. I feel annoyed when I hear the noise.

If you have the above symptoms, you will need to go to the hospital in time. The sooner the hearing impairment treatment is treated, the better the hearing will be difficult to recover if the best timing is lost.

According to the latest research reveals:People with good hearings live longer!

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine found that elderly people with good hearings live longer than their hearing-impaired peers. The study focused on 70 elderly people and found that people with hearing loss are more likely to die in the next few years than 21%~39%.

According to the latest data from the World Health Organization, 3.6 million people around the world have varying degrees of hearing impairment, including 11 billion young people (aged between 12 and 35) who suffer from hearing loss due to noise exposed to the entertainment environment. risks of.

As a kind of sensory indispensable in life, hearing should learn to protect the ear. Early prevention can delay the process of aging of the auditory system.

Hearing loss

What bad habits can threaten ear health?

1 likes to lick ears

The ear is a habit that many people have. I don’t know that this seemingly hygienic behavior is to damage the hearing. For example, using sharp objects such as toothpicks, needles, hairpins, etc., it is easy to cause perforation of the tympanic membrane, unsterilized ear spoon. Or other unclean items licking your ears can cause inflammation of the external auditory canal and, in severe cases, can cause hearing loss.

Recommendation: To dig your ears, use a scientific method, soak a small amount of alcohol or glycerin with a clean cotton swab and gently wipe the ear canal. It can be cleaned once a week around the auricle, but it should not be cleaned every day. The skin of the ear is fragile and prone to inflammation.

2 often loses temper and is emotional

The study found that negative emotions such as anger, depression, and sadness may induce sudden deafness.

3 tightens the nose

Use two fingers to pinch the two sides of the nose to force the nose, easy to squeeze the nose containing a lot of viruses and bacteria to the back of the nose, to the eustachian tube to cause otitis media.

Recommendation: Open one side of the nostrils and apply a little force to the opposite side of the nose.

4 opens the window while driving

The wind noise when driving fast and the traffic noise when driving slower will damage the hearing. Although the noise outside the window will not cause deafness and hearing impairment in a short time, it may affect the hearing of one side for a long time.

5 smoking and drinking

This is because the toxins such as nicotine in tobacco cause contraction of small blood vessels in the inner ear and impede blood circulation in the inner ear; chronic alcohol poisoning can directly damage the auditory nerve.

Recommendation: It is best not to smoke, drink alcohol or drink a small amount.

6 headphones are too loud

Recommendation: Do not exceed the maximum volume of 60%, and listen to 1 hours at a time. It is best to choose ear-hook headphones.


5 habits that make listening better

1. Stay away from noise

Try to stay away from environments with strong noise such as firecrackers and KTV. Secondly, long-term continuous noise stimuli such as walkmans, machine roars, and telephone calls should be avoided.

2. Using headphones properly

3. Symptoms are found early

People who often listen to music should pay attention to their hearing situation. When there are tinnitus, ear nausea, dizziness, inattention, etc., you should be alert. It is recommended to have a hearing test every year. Frequent contact noise, such as entertainment venue actors and related staff, is recommended to check twice a year.

4. Dietary supplement zinc

Zinc deficiency is an important cause of senile deafness. Usually, you can eat more foods rich in zinc such as fish, beef, pork liver and chicken. In addition, the lack of magnesium can easily lead to hearing loss, may wish to eat more kelp, seaweed, sesame and so on.

5. Attention to ear hygiene

Good ear hygiene is especially important for protecting your hearing. For example, prevent water in your ear and don’t rub your ears frequently. Once the water is in the external auditory canal, use a cotton swab to suck the water out, or use a hair dryer to evaporate the water in the ear to keep the ear dry.

In fact, the ear is a very fragile organ, it is easy to “injury”. Once it is damaged, it is often difficult to recover! I hope everyone must pay attention.

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