When people are old, they always feel that their ears are not listening. What should we do?

Older hearing loss

Hearing loss and tinnitus are among the most common chronic conditions in the elderly. The reason for the decline in hearing loss in the elderly is the deterioration of auditory organ function. Some patients cannot hear clearly, and even severe patients lose their hearing completely. Usually, 65-75 elderly people have an incidence of up to 60%.

The decline in auditory function is irreversible, but wearing hearing aids for a long time can slow down the rate of degradation.

Therefore, when the elderly find that there is a problem with hearing, they should seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Otherwise, the longer the hearing loss, the worse the response of the brain’s hearing center to sound. If you need to wear a hearing aid, you should choose your own hearing aid as soon as possible, and start language training to prevent hearing and language resolution from continuing to decline.

However, hearing aids are different from general merchandise and require a strict selection procedure. Unsuitable hearing aids can cause serious injury to the patient. The correct method of selection should be, after detailed examination by the ear doctor, to the professional hearing aid matching center, the professional staff will perform the fitting.

In addition, when a patient first wears a hearing aid, he or she will hear many unheard voices. At this time, learn to apply these sounds quickly, especially in some complicated human languages. If you feel that you don’t understand what others are saying, or even occasionally you can’t hear some slight sounds, don’t worry, because the initial hearing aids hear a new sound, which takes time to apply. From the daily wear time, it should be short to long; from the point of view of volume adjustment, it should be small and big; from the communication environment, it should be quiet and noisy, simple and complicated. This step-by-step process will help you to get through the adaptation period as quickly as possible, so that the role of the hearing aid can be maximized.

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