The monks began to consider studying abroad.

I am wearing a hearing aid with my ears, and I am fortunate to have the opportunity to graduate in a university in the United States. So let’s take the example of studying in the United States, and share with you how the monks can get admission notices for university graduates in the United States.

The first is the English exam that all applicants have to go through.

There are currently three major exams that graduate students need to consider, namely TOEFL, IELTS and GRE. TOEFL and IELTS listening and speaking are beyond the reach of the monks. What should I do? Actually, this issue does not need to be worried. Deaf people can concentrate on reading and writing. When you apply to the university, attach your own Audioogram Test Result to your transcript. When you receive the transcript, the American school will quickly understand your hearing and will filter it. Listening and speaking scores are based on your other grades. For example, GRE, undergraduate transcripts and application papers and personal profile qualifications. Many majors need GRE scores, and GRE does not have a hearing test, so deaf people can rely on this exam to get high scores.

Deaf people go abroad

The second is the problem of professional and mentor.

Some people think that they need to contact the tutor when applying, but the actual situation is completely unnecessary. In the process of applying, first think about what major you want to choose, and then find out all the materials you need to apply for this major on the official website of the school. The requirements for each major are different. For example, I applied for the Deaf Education program. I prepared a self-reported paper, which is divided into English and sign language. The sign language self-report is to record a US sign language to introduce myself and why to apply for this major. Video. Because the other school also wants to check my fluency in American sign language. Therefore, deaf students must be optimistic about the materials they need and be able to prepare them carefully when applying for graduate studies.

Once all the materials are ready, you can send them to the university for a reply. Remember to apply for an email account, the US university will use the email to contact the applicant. Once enrolled, the school will not only notify you by e-mail, but will also send a notice of admission and an I-20 form to your home. You can take these two items to apply for a US visa.

All procedures for applying for a US visa are exactly the same as those for a hearing person. You must bring your passport, admission letter and I-20 form, and proof of property, etc. on the day of the interview. Deaf students do not need to be nervous, because deaf people are more likely to pass an interview than to listen to people. The deaf friends around me include me. I basically don’t talk to the interviewer during the interview. The visa officer will let you pass the testimonials. You can bring a disability certificate and a hearing test result to the interviewer and get the visa properly.

Many monks worry about whether they can understand the professor’s words in the classrooms in the United States and how to communicate with their classmates. American sign language interpreters are available at all universities in the United States. No matter which course you go to, there will be translators who will help you translate one-on-one. It is recommended that deaf students must learn American sign language before going to graduate school, so that communication with teachers and classmates can be easily translated by translators. If you can’t keep up with the teacher’s class progress, you can also apply for a Recorder (Note Taker) to help you take notes in class, they will organize the information for you to review after class. If you feel that you have difficulty writing your homework, you can also apply for one-on-one tutoring at the school’s counseling center. Someone will come up with additional tutoring for your course. American sign language interpreters, classroom recorders and tutoring are free at the university and do not need to worry about extra fees.

After understanding the above situation, deaf students can start to apply for US graduate students according to their own wishes. I also wish that more and more deaf students will be able to get more learning opportunities.

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