Deaf colleagues often complain that they have poor hearing

Recently, I have heard some deaf friends in the group, complaining that my hearing is too bad, which hinders communication and affects my career development. And once someone has opened this topic, the following spit will swarm, and after enumerating the various problems in the work, they will be obsessed with their hearing if they are normal, and they will not be unfair.

This kind of mentality is very similar to my father. He once said to me: If you were not poisoned when you were a child, your hearing would be good. Maybe it’s like someone who’s going abroad to study abroad, come back and have a better job, balabala ~ The 1w word is omitted here. After drinking, Dad is very embarrassed. But I know very well that I can’t do dozens of sets of papers a week like a child. I can cut a lot of vocabulary with New Oriental in a round-the-clock manner. I can practice oral English with BBC. I also attributed this to my poor hearing. I absorbed slowly, and I learned to follow my speed, study at university, graduate, and work. Until one day, I heard some deaf friends, overcame my own shortcomings and went abroad to study. When I was a dream of my childhood, my heart was stunned and I watched others speak fluent English in a foreign country. I did it. What I think is impossible, the so-called “ceiling” has been broken, and I suddenly understand that the so-called hearing is really good, it may be the best excuse for yourself.

I do not deny that the more serious the hearing loss, the more inconveniences encountered in the work, the most common situations mentioned by the monks in the group: poor communication, misunderstanding; meeting in the meeting room can not be heard; Less communication or simply not communicating; the work done has no value; concealing your hearing situation (I am surprised)

Listening is our weakness, but it does not mean that communication is also a weak item. Many people have a chain reaction in their subconscious mind. If they feel that they cannot understand clearly, they will not be able to communicate. In fact, this is not the case. Communication behavior is a two-way behavior. Separating and separating is: receiving information (you listen to others), analyzing information (your way of thinking), summarizing information (others listening to you). It will be slower to receive information, but you can do a little bit of analysis and summary information, so that anyone will be willing to communicate with you. To give a popular example, some designers think that designing, working with colleagues, always understand the deviation, can not give the design that the leader wants. In fact, in the hearing of people’s workplace, frequent changes are very common. When such a situation arises, it may be said that the whole project needs to be iteratively updated to present the best works. It is said that because the experience is not rich, the thinking is not right, it is still difficult to accurately grasp the demand. thing. In actual work, I really like to communicate with a group of people, to make a project from nothing to a little, not just as an executor, do not know the purpose of the beginning, to pick up the work, the lack of thinking design means Your rework rate is only high or low.

Therefore, whether it is face-to-face communication or qq, email communication, you need to think hard and make constructive comments, you will slowly find that your voice is getting bigger and bigger, and colleagues are more and more recognized for your work skills. Slowly, you can develop into a benign working partnership, and your so-called hearing is not good. In the eyes of colleagues, there are no shortcomings. Sometimes they will care if you understand when you are in a meeting. Even you can talk about some interesting things outside of work. You will slowly discover the joy of work, because with a group of lovely colleagues, doing one thing together, do you still feel that this job is worthless? So, there is a problem at work, don’t blame for not having a good pair of ears. The key is you, do you have the right to do the right thing.

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