Older hearing loss is closely related to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Aunt Li is in his fifties, and in addition to suffering from high blood pressure, other aspects of the body are still healthy. During this time, she always felt that her hearing was problematic and her ears were always creaking. At first, she thought that she had suffered too much “hot air” during the Spring Festival, but after hearing a few days of herbal tea, the sound of her ear did not seem to disappear, but it was more serious. It was blocked by something, and sometimes it sounded a little bit sounding. She felt particularly strenuous: “Did I start my ears?” Later, Aunt Li went to the hospital for ENT examination. After the doctor examined, she found Aunt Li’s this time. The hearing problem is actually related to her high blood pressure. This result makes her wonder: how is hearing loss related to high blood pressure?

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The back of the ear is all the wrong age? NO!

The doctor pointed out that the cause of hearing loss in the elderly is not only related to the increase of age, but also the slow degradation of organs. It is also closely related to the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases of the elderly.

This is because when cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases occur, it can affect the normal function of the function by changing the blood circulation of tissues and organs, such as the “three highs” problem that is common in the elderly: when the body has high blood pressure and high blood fat When the problem is caused, the blood flow can be slowed down, the blood is thick, the blood flow supply is blocked, and the inner ear artery is very small, and there is no collateral circulation, so that the inner ear microcirculatory perfusion disorder is more likely to occur. If the state of oxygen persists for a long time and cannot be corrected, it may cause lesions in the inner ear tissue and cause damage to the auditory nerves, resulting in different degrees of tinnitus, ear nausea, and hearing loss.

Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients protect their hearing

So, how do you protect your hearing for the elderly with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases? Experts give the following five suggestions.

  1. Light diet:Actively control your blood pressure and blood lipids. While actively following the medical treatment, you should also pay attention to eating low-fat, high-cholesterol foods. The diet is light and balanced.

  2. Reduces the chance of ear damage:Frequently rubbing your ears, prolonged exposure to high-decibel noise, frequent use of ototoxic drugs such as antibiotics, streptomycin, gentamicin, etc., are easy to damage the ear, causing hearing loss in the ear, should be avoided.

  3. Ear Massage:There are a lot of meridian points in the ear. If you massage regularly, it can promote blood circulation in the inner ear and help the ear health. If the hands are placed on the roots of the ears, the thumb and middle finger are placed in front of the ear and behind the ear, then start from the earlobe, first slap the earlobe, then push the ear upwards with a certain force, and close to the auricle until the tip of the ear So repeated several times.

  4. Controls emotions:Sudden ups and downs, such as anger, or excessive stress, mental stress, fatigue, can also cause blood circulation disorders in the inner ear and cause damage to the inner ear, therefore, you should learn to control emotions, maintain a peace of mind, while paying attention to rest, Ensure enough sleep.

  5. Seek medical advice promptly:If there are ear abnormalities such as tinnitus, hearing loss, ear blockage or water intrusion, you should see the doctor as soon as possible to give timely and effective measures to find out the cause. Otherwise, the longer the treatment, the later treatment effect will be The worse, it may even cause permanent hearing damage.

In short, the elderly with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases usually pay more attention to their own hearing and do a good job of health care. Once your hearing is diminished, seek medical help in a timely manner. Do not use your medicine yourself.

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