Wu Kequn “Sudden Deafness”

Taiwanese media reported that Wu Kequn often had tinnitus since the beginning of 5 and 6. He did not care too much at first, and did not realize the seriousness. Later, he began to hear high and low frequency sounds, listening to other people’s speeches like “robot’s voice”, plus headaches and dizziness problems have not improved, so he went to the otolaryngology department to check, which was found to be ” Sudden deafness, do not need to wear hearing aids, but missed the gold treatment period, the left ear nerve has been damaged, hearing is completely hopeless recovery, the remaining 60% of hearing, I am afraid it is difficult to recover.

It is reported that Wu Kequn has been very busy in the past year. While filming a self-directed and self-directed film, he created songs for the new album “Life Super Humor”, while he was preparing for the opening of the 8 month. Insomnia, even if you fall asleep, dream of work, just feel that “every day is very tired”, suspected of investing in tens of millions of movies to prevent excessive pressure to lead to deafness. In this regard, his company Warner does not express his opinion.

Wu Kequn sudden deafness

So, does stress really lead to deafness?

Yes, the pressure is too high to hurt the inner ear, it does affect the hearing. This is not sensational. Before the ear tree, the science is over, and here is sorted out, please be sure to pay more attention.

Sudden deafness is a common emergency in otology, that is, sudden onset of moderate to severe sensorineural deafness. Excessive pressure leads to sudden deafness, because when we are overstressed, the adrenaline secretion of the body increases, and the small arteries of the inner ear microcirculation squat and contract, which will lead to inner ear ischemia, hypoxia, and inner ear lesions. Causes damage to the sensory part of the inner ear, causing hearing loss. It is often expressed as a sudden one ear can not hear, may be accompanied by the feeling of tinnitus, ear swelling.

With the accelerated pace of life and other reasons, the incidence of sudden deafness is increasing, and young and middle-aged people are at high risk of sudden deafness. Negative emotions such as anger, depression, sadness, or fatigue, alcohol, insomnia, pregnancy, and changes in ambient air pressure can cause sudden deafness. From this point of view, the pressure and emotions of ordinary office workers sometimes get out of control, not to mention the pressure on the entertainment circles of newcomers. It is reported that this year’s 37-year-old Wu Kequn has been in a very busy state for nearly a year: while preparing for filming, he has to compile and self-directed himself, while preparing a new album, he has to create his own songs while still doing his own tide. Card sideline. I even have insomnia for a while, even dreaming of work even if I fall asleep, I feel “very tired every day.” (Small series of emotions: really stressful ah = _ =) For Wu Kequn, the excessive mental stress and lack of sleep brought about by work may be the cause of his hearing loss.

Don’t ignore the protection of hearing

The ear is an important organ for us to perceive the world. Sometimes bad habits can lead to hearing loss or even loss. However, we often ignore the protection of hearing. The ear tree reminds everyone: If sudden hearing loss, tinnitus, earache, ear nausea and other symptoms, you should seek medical attention immediately. Tinnitus and abruptness are the best initial treatments, and recovery will be better.

According to reports, Wu Kequn often tinnitus from the beginning of 5 and 6 this year, but he mistakenly thought that it was only a lot of deafness that led to confusion. He also went to the clinic to clean up deafness and did not realize the seriousness of the problem. Later, he began to hear high and low frequency sounds, listening to other people’s speeches like “robot’s voice”, plus headaches and dizziness did not improve, so he went to the otolaryngology department to check, which was found to be “burst Sexual deafness.” However, the left ear hearing hair cells have been damaged, I am afraid that normal hearing can no longer be restored.

what a shame. How important is listening to a person who makes music. Fortunately, when we saw Wu Kequn’s response, I chose to relax and face it. He said, “If you don’t understand the world, you can’t listen well.”

Post this full positive text. I hope he will recover soon~~

Finally, let’s talk about measures to protect your hearing:

1, in daily life, develops a good habit of eating and drinking, ensuring adequate sleep, not staying up late;

2, try to maintain a relaxed spirit and a cheerful mood. When you feel stressed and nervous, actively choose the decompression method that suits you, such as sports, reading, gathering with friends, etc.

3, on the way to and from work, many people like to plug in headphones to watch videos and listen to music. Note that the use of headphones must be moderate, the time should not be too long;

4, if you have to call for a long time due to work reasons (such as customer service work), do: rest 5 minutes every half hour; use over-ear headphones to control the volume; pay attention to add moisture, keep enough sleep; once found Have symptoms such as tinnitus, ear nausea, hearing loss, etc., and seek medical attention quickly;

5, avoid prolonged exposure to noisy environments, and go to places that are too noisy, such as dance halls;

6, diet should be reasonable, eat more fruits, vegetables and other foods with high vitamin content.

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