Be sure to pay attention to the life of the elderly at home!

As people age and their aging structure ages, many older people will have a day when their ears are not good. However, it cannot be ignored because it is a physiological decline. Listen to it and let the hearing be lost unconsciously. As the hearing ability declines, the cognitive ability of the elderly will also decline, eventually leading to a general decline in the brain’s perception of society.

On the surface of the old man’s ear, there is a disability that is not visible on the surface. Old-age deaf patients need physical care, not only physical and psychological, but also mentally, psychologically, and emotionally.

The dependence of senile deafness on others is significantly enhanced, requiring frequent cordial conversations, messaging, and friendship to prevent them from being isolated from society.

Develop special life assistance programs as needed, especially the fitting, use and maintenance of hearing aids, as well as life care and emotional support.

Senile deafness

Talking to patients with senile deafness should pay attention to:


Try to talk to them with normal sounds, rather slow down, clearer, avoid loudly screaming


If they are not clear, they should explain it patiently, or repeat or change the way they are expressed. Sentences should be simple and easy to understand, in line with the ideal habits of the elderly. When necessary, you should be friendly when writing and writing. Do not cover your mouth and face the light, so that the elderly can see the movements of your lips.

Getting along with and communicating with senile deafness patients may be more difficult than deafness patients of other ages. As a family member of the patient, as long as they pay more patience and love, the elderly can overcome the deafness disorder through hearing aids. The old man will have a healthy and happy old age with your help.

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