Li Xuejian still wears hearing aids to persist in performing arts after successful cancer

The friends who have read “Water Margin” and “On the Beach” should not be unfamiliar with Li Xuejian. He has performed the characters of Song Jiang and Feng Jinglian.

Li Xuejian

Li Xuejian is an actor who became a latecomer, and 26 entered the entertainment circle. In the entertainment industry, some people are not good at acting but have a good reputation. Such a person is not a good actor. So what is a good actor? Good acting is the first condition. In addition to producing excellent works, you must have your own persistence. In the first year of his career, Teacher Li Xuejian won the first “Plum Blossom Award” for a long time with the drama “September 13th Incident”. In the 1990 year, Li Xuejian, with the film “Jiao Yulu” won the golden pheasant and the hundred flowers of the two masters of the film, since then fame. Li Xuejian’s acting skills have been unanimously recognized by the industry and abroad. Today, he has a very high status in the entertainment industry. Others praise him as “the most acting person in the entertainment industry.”

Today, Li Xuejian is already an old man who has spent a lot of years, but for the act of acting, he has persisted for most of his life and will continue to persist. However, in 2000 year, Teacher Li Xuejian suffered from nasopharyngeal cancer. In these years, Li Xuejian’s hearing on both ears has dropped a lot. On many occasions, Li Xuejian’s teacher wearing a hearing aid appeared, which made people feel distressed.

Nasopharyngeal carcinoma refers to a malignant tumor that occurs on the top and side walls of the nasopharyngeal cavity. It is one of the high-grade malignant tumors in China, and the incidence rate is the first of the malignant tumors of the ear, nose and throat. Common clinical symptoms are nasal congestion, blood stasis, ear suffocation, hearing loss, diplopia and headache. Nasopharyngeal carcinoma is mostly moderately sensitive to radiation therapy, and radiation therapy is the treatment of choice for nasopharyngeal carcinoma. However, for patients with more differentiated cancer, with a longer course of disease and recurrence after radiotherapy, surgical resection and chemotherapy are also indispensable means.

Teacher Li Xuejian is now hearing a great drop in hearing. Hearing aids are needed in daily life to assist in listening. But when I was acting, I couldn’t wear it. I was afraid of being photographed by the machine. So he put the lines of others down little by little. When someone else opened his mouth, he knew what he was going to say.

Perhaps in the heart of Teacher Li Xuejian, acting is not just about making money. So he most looks down on the young actors who are not good at acting and looking for a substitute. After all, acting for him is worthy of a lifetime of dedication. Teacher Li Xuejian once played a dumb in “Carrying the Wrong Car”. He even turned down the lines of the opponent’s play, so that he could better grasp the rhythm of the play, and he regarded these things as an actor. The basic things to do are too admirable.

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