Deafness can have some negative effects on the elderly

Deafness will bring some negative effects to the life, psychology and communication of some elderly people. For example, the elderly are not willing to contact the outside world, reduce the opportunity to communicate with others, the character is more and more isolated, and the serious will accelerate the occurrence of dementia. It is reminded that after the elderly have deafness, they must seek help and treatment as soon as possible, and conduct a hearing examination once a year.

Elderly deafness

Suitable hearing aids improve hearing

“Some elderly people will actively discuss with their children after hearing impairment, go to the hospital for related examinations, and some will also choose hearing aids to help improve hearing. Due to the function and choice of hearing aids, some elderly people are using hearing aids. In the process, there is a problem of unsatisfactory use. This is mainly caused by improper hearing aids.” Wang Xijun said, for example, hearing aids are like glasses. Originally, wearing 300 eyes, wearing a pair of 500 degrees, can’t see Clear or second, it will be dizzy when worn. The same is true for hearing aids. Each person’s hearing loss is different, and the debugging is different. It is naturally inappropriate to wear. It is recommended that the elderly choose to go to a professional institution when selecting a hearing aid, and perform matching and debugging under the guidance of a specialist.

Eighty percent of the elderly have tinnitus before hearing loss

“From the results of the hearing test in our hospital in recent times, after hearing problems in some elderly people, 63% of the elderly said that they had some problems communicating with their families, they became less silent and silent, and they did not know. It is best to have a hearing test every year. I don’t know if hearing is bad. Hearing aids can be used to compensate for hearing. XXXXX% of the elderly said that they can listen carefully in daily communication. When they don’t listen carefully, they hear sound but don’t know. What are they saying, they will do some ear massage in daily life to help relieve tinnitus; 11% of the elderly are affected by otitis media, and the hearing is not very good for decades; only 10% of the elderly are obedient Accompanied by family members, they can choose hearing aids from professional organizations. Among these patients, 3% has hearing loss before hearing loss.” Wang Xijun reminded that the elderly often have tinnitus, which must be taken seriously. At the same time, learn some knowledge about ear disease prevention, detection, rehabilitation and treatment, and better protect ear hearing.

Protecting can slow down the occurrence of deafness

“After the age of 50, the organs of the body will undergo aging and degeneration, and the degree of degeneration will vary from person to person. Among them, the most obvious degeneration is the change of the ear, the change of the eye. If in daily life In this way, prevention can be done in advance, and contact with noise can be reduced, which can effectively slow down the occurrence of deafness.

◆ Balanced diet. Pay attention to the food mix in the diet, eat less saturated fatty foods.

◆ Rational use of drugs. After the hearing loss is found, it should be treated and used under the guidance of a doctor, but it should be taken with caution or without streptomycin, gentamicin, kanamycin, neomycin and other drugs that may affect the auditory nerve.

◆ Strengthen exercise. Through exercise, the blood circulation of the whole body is enhanced to improve the nutritional supply of the inner ear.

◆ Stay away from noise. The working and living environment is in a noisy environment for a long time, which will cause a significant drop in hearing.

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