The correct steps for the elderly hearing aids

Jinghao medical hearing experts say that because of the inconsistent speech hearing and pure tone hearing of senile deafness, and in quiet conditions and noise environment or competitive statement conditions, their speech hearing often shows great differences, therefore, only press The results of the pure tone hearing test are difficult to accurately determine the degree of hearing impairment in elderly patients, and the selected hearing aids naturally make it difficult for the elderly to obtain a satisfactory rehabilitation effect.

Elderly hearing aids

Diagnosis of the nature and location of senile sputum lesions

Persistence of single speech recognition rate is not sufficient as a basis for diagnosing the nature and location of senile sputum lesions, but it has very important reference value. Combined with clinical symptoms and other examination contents, it can often make a clear diagnosis. The speech recognition rate curve falls back (the recognition rate decreases in high-intensity speech sounds), which is often the manifestation of post-cochlear lesions. Pure tone hearing is normal or quite good, and the speech recognition rate is disproportionately reduced to 30% or lower, most likely a posterior follicular lesion. However, the speech recognition rate of the affected side of the neuroma is up to 100%. The performance of conductive sputum is mainly sound attenuation, and the performance of speech audiometry is improved by speech recognition threshold (SRT), and the speech recognition rate is not affected. In some elderly hearing loss, the pure tone hearing can be normal, and under the noise interference (even under quiet conditions), the speech recognition rate is significantly reduced, mostly caused by cochlear lesions.

To evaluate the degree of hearing impairment and the ability to talk in patients with senile deafness

Some elderly patients have speech detection under quiet conditions, and their speech recognition rate is not significantly different from that of normal young people. Under the condition of noise or competition statement, the speech recognition rate is significantly reduced. Therefore, according to the patient’s complaint, it is necessary to choose the speech recognition rate test under different conditions. At the same time, you should carefully listen to (inquiry) and refer to the patient’s evaluation of his or her hearing impairment, and understand the impact of hearing loss on the patient’s quality of life, cognitive function, mood, behavior and social activities.

Guide the selection of hearing aids for the elderly

Speech recognition rate test and other audiometry tests for senile deaf patients, in order to fully understand the state of their hearing function, and to exclude the sensorineural (cochlear and posterior) hearing impairment caused by sound and other causes. To understand its listening and processing capabilities, provide reference data and information for the development of hearing aid matching programs, and based on these materials, develop hearing aid matching programs and select appropriate hearing aids.

Assessing the rehabilitation effect of hearing aids on elderly patients with paralysis

The speech recognition rate is checked after the hearing aid is selected, and compared with the speech recognition rate before the hearing aid is worn, the hearing aid can be more accurately evaluated for the elderly patients. After wearing the hearing aid, the regular examination of the speech recognition rate is conducive to further evaluation of the long-term effect of hearing rehabilitation for elderly patients. Especially in the use of programmable hearing aids, the timely speech recognition rate test is beneficial to make necessary adjustments to the hearing aid program, so that the hearing rehabilitation of elderly patients is maintained at a good level.

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