The woman woke up and couldn’t hear the man talking.

Hearing killer

With the growing dominance of electronic technology, “electronic noise” has become a modern killer. Jinghao medical hearing aid experts believe that hearing impairment is not only exclusive to the elderly, young people because of the habit of wearing headphones, making phone calls, hearing health needs special attention. (CFP)

Recently, Ms. Chung’s sudden tinnitus began. At the beginning, her left ear could only hear female voices and could not hear male voices. After a while, no sound can be heard. She was diagnosed with a sudden low-frequency deafness by a doctor. The reporter learned from the People’s Hospital and the Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine that as the weather turns cold, the number of patients with sudden deafness increases significantly. XXXXX’s young deaf patients are often seen in the clinic.

I woke up and couldn’t hear the man talking.

Ms. Zhong, who is in her early 30, is engaged in sales work. After getting up in the morning, she feels her left ear bulging and tinnitus. When she arrived at the company, she suddenly found no difference when she spoke to her female colleague, but when she spoke to her male colleague, she saw that their mouth was moving, but there was only a snoring in her left ear. She thought that she might not have had a good rest recently, and she was too tired. Because she was busy organizing a large-scale event at the end of the year, as a department manager, she worked overtime every day and could only sleep 6 hours a day. I think it will be good to be busy during this time. But after 3 days, the situation has not improved, but the left ear is like a full air, sometimes there is a sound like an engine or a wind.

Gradually, even the voice of the female colleague began to blur, and the voice of the male colleague was basically inaudible.

Ms. Zhong felt that the situation was not good. She rushed to the People’s Hospital for treatment. The doctor did an otoscopy, a sound-conductance test, and a pure-tone hearing test. She found that Ms. Zhong’s hearing loss was in the low frequency. Her left ear suffered from “sudden low frequency deafness.” This is a special and rare sudden deafness, especially the sound of the 250HZ-1000HZ low frequency band is not clear. Because the male voice is relatively low, it belongs to the low-frequency sound, while the female voice is relatively sharp and the frequency is high, so it can be heard.

Sudden deafness attacks high pressure people

As the weather turned cold, the number of patients with sudden deafness who were admitted to the ENT department of the Municipal People’s Hospital and the Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine increased significantly in the past few days. Xie Wei, chief physician of the Department of Otolaryngology, City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that during this time, the hospital can receive two or three patients with acute sudden deafness every day. High school students, college students, young white-collar workers are not uncommon, the youngest is only fifteen or six years old. A detailed inquiry will reveal that most patients have less sleep time, some work overtime and night, some people like to play games, and often sleep in the middle of the night.

“Sudden deafness is a common disease in otology, but the cause is still unclear. Blood supply disorders and viral infections are relatively reasonable explanations.” Dr. Xie said that sudden deafness occurs in seasonal changes, and alternating cold and warm time. Recently, the temperature is low, and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is very large, which tends to cause rapid contraction and expansion of blood vessels, so it is more likely to cause insufficient blood supply to the labyrinth of the inner ear. However, from the case of the incidence of cases, most of these patients have the characteristics of stress, excessive fatigue, frequent staying up late, and irregular life. Not long ago, a young man she was attending was because she was playing games all night, and finally found that her ears could not be heard. Dr. Xie explained that the inner ear region has the finest blood vessels in the whole blood vessels, and the blood vessels are the nutrient supply lines of the nerves. Excessive stress, excessive fatigue, emotional agitation, etc., will put the body in a state of stress, leading to autonomic dysfunction, resulting in microcirculation of the inner ear microcirculation, hypoxia of the inner ear, insufficient supply of nutrients to the auditory nerve, and the inner ear sensory part Damaged, causing hearing loss.

Change bad habits and improve prevention awareness

For young people, long-term wear of headphones to listen to music, long-term phone porridge, long-term exposure to noise, often staying up late and other unhealthy lifestyles will damage the hearing. Unlike the causes of young people, sudden deafness in middle-aged and elderly people is closely related to diseases such as high blood pressure, high blood fat, and high blood sugar. Due to its own disease, the immunity is reduced, resulting in the gradual disorder of its own metabolism, resulting in insufficient supply of nutrients in the auditory organs, atrophy of the inner ear receptors and hearing loss, and early deafness compared with healthy people of the same age. phenomenon.

“Sudden deafness can be cured as soon as possible after the onset of the disease.” Dr. Xie said that if the treatment is within one week of the onset, the recovery rate can reach 80% or more. The later the treatment, the lower the chance of recovery. If it is more than one month, it will almost lose hearing.

In reality, most people are not aware of the protection of hearing, and in the early stage of hearing loss, once people have symptoms such as tinnitus and dizziness, it is not easy to be associated with hearing problems. Many people will not see a doctor in time. When you are completely inaudible, go to the hospital and often miss the best treatment time. To this end, doctors remind everyone to develop good habits, pay attention to strengthening physical exercise and maintain a good attitude. High school students and office workers should choose to walk and swim to relieve and release stress when they are overstressed or tired, so as to avoid staying up late and listening to music with headphones for a long time. Usually pay attention to low-salt diet in the diet, you can eat more walnuts, pine nuts, jujube, lotus seeds, yam and other foods that strengthen the spleen and kidney.

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