Help patients understand their own hearing problems correctly

Most patients often have psychological barriers due to their hearing problems. Therefore, professionals need to understand their psychological problems while understanding the patient’s hearing problems. It is often necessary to spend more time and energy to understand the patient’s psychological dynamics. Due to the long-term misunderstanding of hearing loss in society, most people with hearing impairment have heavy mental burdens. When they come to see a doctor, they often have fear, depression, loneliness and insecurity. Therefore, the understanding of professionals can often help them to correctly understand their own hearing problems.

During the initial stages of follow-up, a professional can understand his or her condition through the patient’s medical history. However, in the initial conversation, the staff can gradually understand the psychological changes of the patient through continuous observation, and constantly encourage the patient and establish a good relationship with the patient. To make patients correctly understand that the social and psychological impact of hearing problems is an important step in the rehabilitation process, so that patients can build confidence in rehabilitation.

In addition, most patients are concerned about whether hearing aids continue to cause hearing loss. In this regard, professional hearing aid fitters should explain the professional selection of hearing aids is essential, and proper matching will not cause damage to their hearing. Letting the patient know about this situation will help him to receive hearing aids in his heart.

Hearing loss patients usually expect to use a hearing aid to effectively identify various environmental sounds, alarm sounds, and maximize the maximum ability to understand speech. For patients who are initially selected, failing to meet expectations in a short period of time often leads to negative psychological problems that are associated with their depressed mood. Therefore, before the selection, the professional should introduce the help of the hearing aid to the patient and the limitations of its use, to establish the expected value, maintain a good attitude, and make the hearing aid play the most important role in their lives.

Another common psychological problem is that patients often conceal their deafness. Many patients with gradual deafness often insist that they have only recently discovered that hearing problems are poor, but they have actually been deaf for many years. Since concealing the history of deafness will affect the effect of rehabilitation, the professional fitter provides the necessary counseling and assistance to the patient on this issue.

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