Hearing aid fitting knowledge

Wearing a hearing aid can improve hearing and, to a certain extent, help communicate and learn. However, it is also subject to many factors. Different people, even if the degree of hearing loss is the same, the effect of using a hearing aid is not exactly the same; the same hearing loss, the same model of the machine, the effect of using a hearing aid will be completely different. Therefore, fitting is a very important part before wearing a hearing aid.

Hearing aid fitting common sense

1.The so-called matching means that the patient must first check the degree of deafness. Just like glasses check vision, the hearing aid fitting is matched according to hearing loss and cannot be purchased casually.

2.Hearing aids need to be fitted. “Finishing” refers to the selection of a hearing aid suitable for your hearing condition under the guidance of a hearing aid professional. Hearing aids need to be tested because each person’s hearing loss varies widely, and even if the nature or degree is the same, each person’s habits and feelings about the hearing aid’s voice are different.

3.In addition, hearing aids themselves vary widely. Each category, each part, etc. has its own characteristics.

4.The sound heard by the hearing aid is different from the sound heard by the original hearing aid, so it is necessary to adapt to a stage. usually need1To3The adaptation period of the month.

5.Hearing aids can amplify all sounds, and hearing-impaired patients live in “quietness” for a long time. Once they hear various external sounds, they can’t adapt to a period of time, feeling noisy and irritated. Therefore, the wearer must learn to eliminate unnecessary background sounds again. In the initial stage, patience is required, the use time of the hearing aid should be extended slowly, the volume should be reduced first, and then gradually increased after getting used to it.

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