Three methods of routinely maintaining hearing aids

The daily maintenance of hearing aids mainly includesThree defense: Moisture proof, shockproof and ear wax prevention. Mastering some simple maintenance methods can greatly reduce the incidence of hearing aid failures and extend the life of hearing aids.

Hearing aid maintenance

Small method of moisture protection:

1.Do not wear hearing aids when washing your hair, bathing or swimming. Do not place hearing aids in the bathroom to prevent water vapor intrusion;

2. Be careful not to let the hearing aid get wet on rainy days;

3. When there is a lot of sweat, you can wipe the sweat around the hearing aid and your ears with a dry cloth.

4.Don’t be exposed to the sun when the hearing aid has been wet;

5. Never use other high temperature dry hearing aids such as electric heaters and microwave ovens.

6.Dry the water drops on the hearing aids in time, especially in the winter, the outdoor temperature difference is large, which may cause condensation and water droplets to avoid blocking the sound;

7. Hit the hearing aid battery case every day and place it in a dry box or electronic care kit for drying and dehumidification.

8. When the hearing aid is not in use for a long time, remove the battery to avoid damage to the hearing aid due to battery leakage.

9.Regularly go to the hearing aid service center for maintenance.

Small method of earthquake prevention:

1. When wearing and removing a hearing aid, it is recommended to sit on a soft surface (such as a sofa and bed).

2.Place the hearing aid out of the reach of pets and children to avoid injury.

3. When you are out with a hearing aid, put it in a soft bag.

Small method of preventing earwax:

1. Regularly clean the sound hole of the hearing aid and the ear wax at the earplugs or ear molds of the ear, so as to avoid blockage;

2.After the custom earmuffs prevent blockage and damage, go to the hearing aid service center for cleaning and replacement.

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