Why do we think people are not clear?

Usually, when you chat with others or watch TV, have you ever had such doubts:How are these people talking so unclear? Is there a problem with my ears?

Or, in a chat, you always unconsciously approach others and turn up the volume while watching TV, because only then can you hear him talking.

Sometimes these methods are effective.

But sometimes, even if you are close to the TV and pick up the volume, you still can’t hear the sound inside. Then you ask the people around you,What are they talking about?

In fact, each of us may have experienced this situation, whether or not you have hearing loss. Is there any problem with your hearing? Or is it really a slurred person to talk to you?

I can not hear you


Four points to judge whether others are unclear

If it is the following four situations, it means that it is not your hearing problem, but it is indeed ambiguous to the person you are talking to or the speaker in the TV program:

1. People who watch TV or chat with you can’t hear the content of TV shows, and they can’t hear what others say.

2In a quiet environment, even if you are at a distance2Speaking in the rice, you still don’t understand when you are talking.

3.When a lot of people are chatting together, only one of them will make you feel unclear.;

4. Your age is50Under the age of.

Seven points indicate that you have a problem with your hearing.

But if you have the following seven signs, it is not that other people are unclear, but you may have hearing loss.

1. Except you, everyone who chats with them does not think anyone is illegible;

2.No matter which TV channel you watch, which TV show, you will turn the volume up;

3.When watching TV, my family always comes to tell you that the TV is too loud.;

4. You will find that you must be very focused on understanding what people are saying to hear.

5You think that the people around you are mostly unclear;

6. As you get older, the situation you can’t hear or understand can get worse.

Only in a quiet environment, one-on-one conversation can make you feel tired.

Understanding difficulties is actuallyHigh frequency hearing loss

For those who have the above seven hearing loss, you will often explain to others that you have no hearing problems, but it is a bit difficult to understand. This kindUnderstanding difficultiesIt often occurs in a specific environment, such as a noisy environment.

At this point, it is difficult for you to understand your complaint:I can hear it, but I don’t understand. Both of them are vague and gentle.

However, this kind ofUnderstanding difficultiesActually caused by hearing loss, ieHigh frequency hearing loss.

Why high frequency hearing loss makes it difficult to understand

As the name suggests, high-frequency hearing impairment occurs in high-frequency areas. High-frequency voice information mainly includes consonants, such ass.th.fAndshThese high frequency consonants are the key to making us clearly heard.

Therefore, when hearing loss occurs at high frequencies, although the sound sounds loud and can be heard, but because the consonants are not heard, the wordsmixed togetherNo more清晰So they can’t hear clearly, there areDifficult to understandCase.

If only there isHigh frequency hearing lossWhen the low-frequency hearing is normal or close to normal, most of the vowels, nasal sounds and environmental sounds can be heard, which gives people an illusion of normal hearing.

How do you know if there isHigh frequency hearing loss?

High-frequency hearing loss can be diagnosed by pure-audio audiometry of professional opticians, and the degree of hearing loss can be judged from the diagnostic audiogram to determine whether a hearing aid is needed.

In addition to pure tone audiometry to confirm hearing loss, a voice test is required to check if your speech recognition ability is normal.

As we age, our brains react slowly, and our ability to recognize, recognize, and understand speech is also declining. This is why older people always feel ambiguous and can’t keep up with others when they speak faster.

Hearing aids cannot be solvedThe problem of poor speech comprehension caused by aging. Therefore, if you suspect that you or your family have hearing impairment, please go to the professional appointment service center or regular hospital for hearing test as soon as possible. Don’t wait until the brain ages until the language comprehension declines.

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