Shock! A woman can’t hear her boyfriend’s voice after waking up, but she can hear the female doctor talking.

Recently, Ms. Chen of Xiamen, Fujian Province, woke up in the morning and suddenly found that she could not hear what her boyfriend said. But when she went to the hospital, she could hear what the female doctor said. This strange situation made Ms. Chen feel unable to find her mind.

At the beginning, Ms. Chen was only a symptom of tinnitus and dizziness, thinking that sleep can be alleviated. I woke up the next day, and Ms. Chen invented it. She couldn’t hear what her boyfriend was saying. She suddenly panicked and immediately rushed to the Qianpu Hospital near her home.

Lin Xiaoqing, chief physician of the ENT department of Qianpu Hospital: “When Ms. Chen came to see her, I talked to her. She could still hear some. But when a young boy behind her came to see her, she couldn’t hear what he said. “”

The doctor told the reporter that before Ms. Chen came to see the doctor, she had been busy for a while and often stayed up late. After examination, combined with various performances, the doctor judged that Ms. Chen may have low frequency deafness. In the case of low frequency deafness, the patient cannot clearly hear the lower male voice, but can clearly hear the sharper female voice. The doctor said it was a low-frequency sensorineural deafness. According to the outpatient situation in recent years, the incidence of low-frequency deafness is rising, which occurs in people who are busy, work pressure, and often stay up late. Due to fatigue and over-stress, emotional arousal and other reasons, the body will be under stress, long-term ischemia and hypoxia, the inner ear will lead to loss of inner ear sound and hearing loss. Acute low-frequency sensorineural deafness, such as long-term treatment, can cause dizziness, nausea and even anxiety and insomnia.


So how do we protect our own ears in our daily life?

First of all, pay attention to hygiene, do not let foreign matter enter the ear or water, and then do not wear headphones for more than the time.1Hours, the volume cannot exceed60%If you are in a noisy vehicle such as a train or an airplane for a long time, you can choose to use noise-cancelling headphones. If you are in a noisy environment for a long time, you should take a proper rest in a quiet place and let our ears rest. Ears, in fact, deafness has the function of protecting our ears.

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