What is causing the price of hearing aids to be so expensive?

whyHearing aid price这么贵?像如今的手机一样,数码相机只卖两三千人民币,而助听器比它们贵得多。我相信很多消费者都觉得奇怪,接下来就让Jinghao听力来为你们分析一下。

Currently on the market95%The above hearing aids are digital, but due to backward technology, large distortion, poor comfort, etc., the rest is not enough.5%The simulated hearing aids have great possibilities to disappear in the future. So we are only talking about digital hearing aids here. Digital hearing aids are based on digital signal processing platforms(DSP)Input and output sounds to preserve the realism and naturalness of the sound as much as possible. DSP can not only eliminate noise, feedback and telephone interference, but also automatically adapt to the environment, store user’s hearing information and the use of hearing aids, and even wireless connection with mobile phones, computers, televisions, etc. Digital hearing aids can be classified into popular, economical, comfortable and multifunctional types depending on the practicality and performance. Prices vary widely, from 500, 600 to 2, and 30000. As for the hearing aid you have worn, you should go to the professional hearing aid test center to experience it. First of all, after wearing a hearing aid, you should be able to hear clearly and comfortably. Then make decisions based on factors such as your living environment, social interactions, work, hobbies, and your own economic situation.

Six hearing aid brands

General purposeDigital hearing aidThe price is generally500Above yuan2000Below the yuan. This type of hearing aid is more suitable for patients with severe hearing loss who have poor economic conditions. It can help them return to the “world of sound” from the “silent world”, hear words they can hardly hear and simple environmental sounds, but the comfort is not high and the signal resolution is poor. For patients with sensorineural and mixed hearing impairment with poor speech resolution, it is not ideal for many people talking, outdoor activities, watching TV, and telephone.

Economic typeDigital hearing aidThe price is generally2000Above yuan4000Below the yuan. Sound is3To4声道/The band is compressed to make the sound clear and natural. You can set up two or three programs for some simple life. Used in the scene, but in the more noisy, complex life scenes (such as watching TV, parties, supermarkets, food courts, etc.), the effect is still not ideal, more suitable for moderate to above hearing loss, living environment is quieter, social activities More is a small group of seniors.

舒适 型Digital hearing aidThe price is generally4000Yuan to8000Can be compressed between yuan5-6
Channel/The band makes the sound clearer and more natural; it has the function of noise reduction, which can eliminate the interference noise and improve the signal-to-noise ratio; some manufacturers also have the “open ear” technology hearing aid. Helps reduce the sullen feeling of users with mild and moderate hearing loss. The most comfortable hearing aid has a data storage function, which can record the user’s use process and facilitate the fine debugging of the tester’s later service. Set up multiple programs to adapt to more complex living environments, such as watching TV, supermarket shopping, restaurants, friends gatherings, meetings, etc., more suitable for middle-aged and elderly people with moderate hearing loss, more social activities and some deaf children with limited economic conditions. .

Hearing aid price list

Multi-functional hearing aids are generally priced at10,000Yuan to40,000Yuan or so. The latest technology is used to diversify and personalize functionality. There are language rehabilitation products for deaf children, products designed for young people who are looking for fashion, and products designed for successful people with high quality of life. Such hearing aids are8To20The channels are finely compressed to maximize the original sound, listen to natural comfort, and automatically adapt to various living environments. There are also some products that incorporate many fashion elements, such as personalized appearance, dazzling color, mini compact, wireless communication, etc., to help the hearing impaired people return to the mainstream society and enjoy the wonderful “sound” life.

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