Prevent tinnitus, start from scratch

Tinnitus is the result of different pathological changes involving many diseases of the auditory system. The etiology is complicated and the mechanism is unclear. The main manifestation is that there is no corresponding external sound source or electrical stimulation, and subjectively has a sound sensation in the ear or in the brain. Clinically it is a concomitant symptom of many diseases and the first symptom of some serious diseases.

So how do we usually do in our daily lives?Prevent tinnitus呢?接下来就由Jinghao为大家详细讲解一下。

The first point: try to reduce the number of ears, or almost no sputum, if you use too much force when rubbing your ears, you may cause damage to the ear canal, damage, severe damage to the tympanic membrane, causing infection and then causing tinnitus, in fact, Even if you don’t feel deaf, our ears will be cleaned regularly. In addition, deafness also protects the ear canal. It can prevent foreign bodies or bugs from flying into the ear canal and damage the tympanic membrane.


The second point: long-term wearing headphones or in a noisy environment, may cause damage to the inner ear caused by noise deafness, so we usually do not wear headphones for more than one hourThe volume of the headphones should not exceed 60%. If you are in a noisy environment for a long time, such as ktv, bar, and noisy factories, you can choose to have noise-cancelling headphones, or let your ears rest in a quiet place after a while.


The third point: eat more foods rich in zinc, iron and calcium, such as milk, shrimp, kelp, peanuts, pig liver, fungus, red dates, sesame, walnuts, millet and so on.

Food rich in zinc, iron and calcium

The fourth point: you can massage the ear to promote blood circulation, such as massage the auricle, pinch the earlobe.

Ear massage

Fifth point: Some other diseases can also cause deafness and tinnitus, such as high blood fat, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. If you find this disease, you must treat it promptly, otherwise it may lead to other diseases.

Sixth point: Maintaining a good mental state can also prevent tinnitus. As the saying goes, don’t be angry. You see that those who are good-hearted are living very healthy and happy.

Seek medical attention promptly


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