Is the rumor that hearing aids are getting more and more ridiculous?

Many friends who wear hearing aids for the first time have this feeling. After wearing the hearing aid for a while, they will feel that the hearing seems to be worse after removing the device. Especially those with mild or moderate hearing impairment feel the strongest. Some people will be very nervous, will it feel that the hearing aid is not right? Is it “The longer you wear, the more you willIs the rumor true? Many people are flustered.

Wearing a hearing aid has a bad hearing? !

Many middle-aged and older people will have this feeling. After wearing the hearing aid for the first time, they will pick it up again. The hearing seems to be worse than before. They used to call their own names and they sometimes heard them, but now they feel they can’t hear them. Asked the other party’s volume has not changed, is the ear smashed?

In fact, this anxiety will occur mainly because the hearing aid fitter and the audiologist do not do his or her initial work. An experienced hearing specialist will tell the listener or his family in advance: “After wearing it for a while, you may feel a little deaf, but no problem, because…” We found that as long as the listener is given a haircut Stabilizer, his feelings and satisfaction will be much better, especially for many elderly people. Once they feel that their hearing is declining, they will not dare to wear them, fearing that they will fall even more. In particular, we all have a habitual idea that hearing aids will “wear more and more scorpions”.

To be sure, if you can equip your hearing aids scientifically, your hearing loss will not increase. For example, many older people, as they grow older, feel that their hearing is not as good as one year, which has nothing to do with hearing aids. It belongs to the functional problem of people. The same is true, as is the case with glasses. After wearing glasses with myopia, as long as the eye hygiene, work and rest are combined, vision will not continue to decline.(In addition to ageing factors). On the contrary, myopia does not wear glasses. Leaning things for a long time makes the burden on the eyes more and more heavy, and the vision is getting worse.

Therefore, a suitable hearing aid does not deteriorate the hearing. Instead, it will effectively keep hearing at current levels, delay the speed of hearing loss, and maintain or even improve existing voice capabilities.

Will the hearing aids wear more and more?

Why do you feel

Hearing does not seem as good as before?

Furthermore, why do some people think that their hearing will “fall” after wearing a hearing aid for a while? In fact, this is related to the plasticity of our brain, which means our brain is active. In other words, this is a completely normal physiological phenomenon.

Our brains have strong learning and adaptability. When we adapt to the sound of the hearing aid, we suddenly remove the hearing aid and it is difficult to adapt immediately. This is not just a short-term adjustment we think, but a long-term adjustment. No hearing aid usually takes at least a few hours to recover. Let us say this, just as we move from light to darkness, we suddenly lose our understanding of things, it takes a while to get a good view. If you are still skeptical, you can ask a professional to measure your hearing. Under normal circumstances, hearing changes are not large. Even for a small number of people, hearing at certain frequencies will increase slightly due to the sound stimulation of the hearing aid. Experienced audiologists will congratulate you on the adaptations based on this description.

Some people think that the hearing aids they have worn for a while are not as loud as they used to be, because the brain adapts to the sound of hearing aids. In our lives, there are many voices that are selectively ignored by the brain, such as the sound of dressing, the friction of walking, and so on. If we don’t pay attention to these sounds, our brains will selectively ignore them, but that doesn’t mean we can’t hear them. Similarly, wearing a hearing aid is the same. When you are familiar with a sound, your brain will selectively ignore a sound, because this sound may not be important in your consciousness, but be aware that it will be heard.

Therefore, some people say that hearing aids will lose their hearing for a period of time, and hearing aids will suffer a lot. Hearing mechanics is an emerging subject in China. The popularity of hearing science is still a very strange subject for the public, so hearing aids are given in the hearing matching test./It is a better choice for the listener to provide more guidance. Sometimes, the early “safety pills” will make the use of hearing aids smoother and safer.

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