Wang Yuan smoking? Smoking can also cause hearing damage?

Just exposed two days agoTfboysIn the photo of Wang Yuan smoking in the dinner with Jia Nailiang and Yang Beyond, the Internet was hot all the time, and it was directly on the hot search. Although Wang Yuan himself later apologized on Weibo to admit the mistake, but had to say this wave. The operation can’t avoid some powder removal, and the effect is definitely there.

Here, Xiao Bian is a neutral figure, that is, the so-called fanatic, not a fanatic of Wang Yuan, just to explain some of my own opinions as an ordinary person.

Wang Yuan smoking

First of all, Wang Yuan as a year19The old boy can be famous in the entertainment industry, can have such a large flow, has to admit that he is a strength of his own, must be recognized here, but also because of the large flow, resulting in his influence is also great As a decent public figure, it can be infinitely magnified in an hour, not to mention the smoking incident. At the same time, it was also dug by the majority of netizens who once said that Wang Yuan had asked him to quit smoking.

Wang Yuan was beaten

(o)…have to say that this face is sizzling. . .

But, listen, well. . . On the other hand, is it so serious to smoke cigarettes? Nowadays, the pressure on young people is so great. Everyone who shines brightly in front of the screen every day, can we see the efforts behind them? It is okay to smoke the roots to relieve the pressure, but his own flow has caused the matter to be magnified.


At the same time, Wang Yuan is a singer. We all know that the harm of smoking to the scorpion is great, but do you know that smoking will cause it?Hearing impairment.

In one study, researchers at the University of Miami and Florida International University3307Hearing test results for non-smokers were studied, some of whom had previously smoked while others never smoked during their lifetime. The study found that people who inhaled secondhand smoke had an increased risk of hearing impairment.YES, 而Hearing impairmentThe most serious people even hear the contents of others in the context of background noise.

Smoking causes hearing loss

Experts believe that smoking may disturb the blood flow in the small blood vessels of the ear, which leads to the lack of oxygen in the organs and the accumulation of toxic waste, which damages the organs. Its hazard is different from noise or agingHearing impairment.

To assess the extent of passive smoking, the researchers also tested nicotine by-products called cotinine in the blood of volunteers, which were produced by humans inhaling tobacco smoke. Studies have found that even if the inhaled smoke is small, it is enough to damage people’s hearing. Dr. David Fabri, who led the study, said: “The true level of safety is not smoking at all.”

So hurry to persuade the people around to put down the smoke in their hands, for others and for themselves, don’t let the attraction cause our hearing damage.

Link:Wang Yuan smoking? Smoking can also cause hearing damage?

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