What is the difference between digital hearing aids and analog hearing aids?

Hearing aids appeared only after World War II. At that time, many soldiers’ ears were damaged by gunfire and smoke, which caused their ears to become half-baked or even full. As the technology of the hearing aid industry developed, they developed A digital hearing aid, which can not be solved by previous analog hearing aids, such as noise reduction, sound clarity, etc., and we all know that hearing aids on the market are basically divided into digital hearing aids and analog hearing aids.Digital hearing aidWhat is the difference between analog hearing aids? Which hearing aid is better?

Digital hearing aid

1. From the movement, the analog hearing aid is composed of a large number of electronic components, using analog routes, the core of which is the amplification of the analog signal, of course, the signal is also the use of analog signals. On the other hand, allDigital hearing aidThe chip uses a microcomputer chip, which is equivalent to a small computer, which uses a logic circuit, that is, the input signal is output after high-precision calculation, and the signal is a digital signal.

2In terms of audiology, traditional analog hearing aids use linear amplification to amplify all sounds to the same extent, so that relatively small sounds are not clearly heard, excessive sounds are very uncomfortable, and sound quality is affected. Serious effects and may further damage the patient’s hearing. The all-digital hearing aid adopts non-linear amplification, which not only can achieve loud compression, but also makes the sound louder and louder, so that the processed sound sounds comfortable and clear, and can better protect residual hearing.

3.Functionally, all-digital hearing aids have more features than analog hearing aids, and these features are very powerful. allDigital hearing aidThe processing speed is very fast, it can quickly adapt to the surrounding environment and treat the sound according to the environment.

4.Digital hearing aidIt also has the advantages of small size, good appearance, very stable, and anti-interference.

According to the above comparison,Digital hearing aidBoth in terms of performance and effect, it is better than analog hearing aids. Most hearing patients now prefer to buy digital hearing aids. Digital hearing aids have a better experience for patients. I hope that after reading these contents, you can Hearing aids have more understanding and help.

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