What is otitis media? Can I wear a hearing aid?

Otitis media is a common ear, nose and throat disease. The incidence of children is relatively high, but some adults also have otitis media. With otitis media, the ear will continue to swell and fester, which will seriously affect our daily life. Late stages may also cause problems such as tinnitus and deafness. If you have otitis media, can you bring a hearing aid? Is there anything that needs attention?

What is otitis media?

Usually, when otitis media occurs, there is often an increase in hearing loss or tension. In the early stages of otitis media infection, hearing can be restored through reasonable treatment. If the treatment is not timely or repeated, the effusion cannot be discharged in time, and the tympanic membrane and the tympanic wall adhere to each other, resulting in difficulty in hearing loss. Patients with otitis media with hearing impairment are mixed hearing loss in the later stage, that is, not only the problem of self-auditory nerve, but also the sound transmission from the outer ear to the inner ear. For patients with this type of otitis media, special attention should be paid to the maintenance of the ears in normal life, to maintain emotional stability, and to eat properly, to prevent the occurrence of otitis media and to protect residual hearing.

Otitis media with hearing aids

When choosing a hearing aid, patients who have relapsed should try to use a full-digital hearing aid. Use a well-ventilated ear mold or earplug to avoid air loss and increase the possibility of recurrence of otitis media. It is important to note that hearing aids should be worn or not worn during the recurrence of otitis media. Even if worn, it should use a good earplug. If there is no recurrent otitis media media patients can choose ear-back hearing aids, usually pay attention to the ear’s moral cleanliness and breathability, if there is recurrence in the disease period is not recommended, because this is not only not conducive to the recovery of ear disease, and pus may flow into the hearing aid, Damage to the machine. It is best to gently wipe the ear canal with a cotton swab to ensure that the ears are dry and clean. If the inflammation is good, wear a hearing aid.

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