Pay attention to tinnitus and protect hearing

Whether you, or your friends or family, have “there is always a sound in your ear” and feel painful

This is actually not a real voice. Some people describe that there are always bells in their ears, or squeaking, snoring, snoring, whistling, or even bird screaming, no matter what kind of sound. This kind of noise that does not exist is called tinnitus.

Tinnitus is not a true disease. It is a common clinical symptom called a disorder of auditory function. It usually refers to the ear or the head without any external sound source or electrical stimulation. The resulting sound is subjective. It may be caused by various causes such as hearing loss, ear infection, high blood pressure, and drug allergy.

Tinnitus patient adaptation

If you answered yes to any of the following questions, then you may be the right person for the Jinghao medical tinnitus solution.

1. In the past week, when you are awake, will you hear more than 50% of the time? (such as ringing, humming, humming, whistling or other sounds)

Does 2. Tinnitus affect your sleep?

Does 3. Tinnitus affect your enjoyment of life?

4. Does tinnitus make you feel upset?

5. Does tinnitus make you unable to relax?

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