Remember these points to prevent hearing loss

According to data released by the World Health Organization, there are more than10More than 100 million1235Young man suffering from ageHearing impairmentRisk, or irreversibleHearing impairment.

Many things or scenes in daily life will cause a damage to our hearing. The most common one is the earphones. Nowadays, the low-headed people and the earphones are everywhere in the street. In the noisy environment like the street, bus, and subway, we can listen. Clear songs, will unconsciously increase the volume, but doing so will inevitably cause irreversible damage to our hearing, wearing headphones to listen to songs, watching movies, the volume can not exceed the volume of the phone60%If the people on the side can hear the sound in your headphones, it means that you are too loud. At the same time, after wearing the headphones, it is best to take them off for an hour and give them a time to relax. In fact, the best is not to Wear headphones in this noisy environment. If you want to use headphones anyway, it is recommended to use noise-cancelling headphones.

Headphone noise

There is also a group of people who spend their time in noisy work environments such as factories and bars. These people are also very susceptible to hearing damage. In fact, if you work in this environment for a long time, we can wear a pair of earplugs. They usually use acoustics. Made of non-porous material, it is a device that can protect your hearing. If you need to wear it for a long time, you can choose to buy custom earplugs, which will make you feel more comfortable.

Hearing impairment

If you already feel that your ears haveHearing impairmentHowever, it is difficult to communicate with others in peacetime. If the voice in the TV is very loud, I recommend that you go to the hospital or a professional fitting center as soon as possible to do a hearing test. If the problem is detected, promptly intervene. Do not delay, according to the doctor’s instructions to cooperate with the treatment, if you need to wear a hearing aid, you must choose a hearing aid according to the hearing loss situation, never want to spend a cheaper on a treasure1.2Hundreds of free to buy one, this kind of hearing aid can be said to be a loudspeaker, can only achieve the effect of amplifying the sound, will lead to “the more wearing the more sturdy”, so wearing a hearing aid also requires a professional fitting, which requires optometry It is a truth.

In short, in daily life, it is necessary to take prevention as the main point, so that the ear can have a chance to relax. Experts suggest that it is best to do an examination half a year to one year, and if there is damage, timely intervention.

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