Can hearing damage be self-healing?

Can hearing damage be self-healing? This problem happened to be the first two days I heard. One day, an aunt who planned to come with a hearing aid asked our fittings, and then our fittings gave a short answer: No!

This is the same as the eye, true myopia is unable to heal itself, the earHearing impairmentThe same is true. As for why, this reason is a bit professional, let me explain it for everyone.

Hearing impairment

The main reason is that the hair cells and nerve cells that give us hearing have been perfected during the development of our embryos. Once damaged or lost, they cannot be regenerated. The bending or deflection of the cilia on the top of the hair cells is the vibration of the sound waves. A special form of response to stimulation is the conversion of mechanical energy into bioelectricity, which triggers the onset of hair cell excitation.

Hearing disability level

So how do we judge whether we have in life?Hearing impairmentWhat?

First of all, do you usually feel that the other party’s voice is too light when you talk to others? Or there is always someone complaining that your TV voice is too loud, hearing is difficult in a noisy environment, the restaurant or the bar can’t hear others, the voice on the phone sounds very hard, and it is difficult to distinguish the sound of the alarm sound of the bird. Can’t locate the source of the sound, often not sure what others are saying that leads to the answer, the ear often screams (tinnitus)

If you have these problems above you5To6One, it means that you have a problem with your ears. You should hurry to check. If you have hearing damage, you should intervene as soon as possible to prevent the situation from getting worse.

Early detection, early intervention, early recovery

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