What if the elderly do not want to wear a hearing aid?

Senile deafnessIt can be said that many elderly people have common problems, but many old people do not pay too much attention and are not serious, but this is not a good thing.

The old man has a bad ear and suffers from senile deafness. Usually, the children can’t hear clearly, and the communication is very troublesome. However, the old man said that he could not listen to his heart and was not willing to wear a hearing aid. After all, what is the reason why the elderly are not willing to wear hearing aids? It’s nothing but money, uncomfortable, bad, and poor.

The more the hearing aid is worn

First of all, the question of money, this is a big problem. Many hearing patients who come to the matching center to choose a hearing aid will think that the price is so expensive, tens of thousands of dollars, the elderly are not willing to buy this kind of money. This situation can only be given by children. The old man is mentally prepared, don’t let the old man have too much psychological pressure, even if he bought it for the elderly.2.3Ten thousand hearing aids also say thousands of dollars.

Secondly, it is uncomfortable. It is not good to look at this problem. Both the elderly and the young people will feel uncomfortable when wearing the hearing aid for the first time. This is a normal phenomenon. It is a reason to wear a hearing aid and wear glasses. He has an adaptation period. This adaptation period is just fine. You can try it first when you wear it.2.3After the hour, take it down, wear it for a few days, then you can increase the wearing time. Slowly increase to the end and you can wear it all day without feeling uncomfortable. Regarding not looking at this, it can only be said that the old man’s own thoughts Many elderly deaf patients are reluctant to admit that they have deafness, just a little bit of back. Isn’t it just a confession to wear it? This kind of thinking is only for the children themselves to convince the elderly, so that the elderly don’t think so much.

Hearing aid wearing effect chart

Another problem is the effect. The old man may have been a little deaf before he took the child and went online to buy it.1.2Hundreds of hearing aids, then the children did not understand and just bought a dress for the elderly, the result is of course the effect is very poor, this kind of1.2Hundreds of blocks are not so much a hearing aid as a loudspeaker, it can only achieve simultaneous amplification of the sound, while amplifying others’ speech, the noise is also enlarged, the effect is naturally poor, and the machine is worn for a long time. It can cause further damage to the ear, as previously said, hearing aids and glasses need to be fitted.

Therefore, whether the elderly or young people are equipped with hearing aids, they must go to the fitting center for a professional selection. After a comprehensive inspection, let the fitter choose the appropriate hearing aid. Don’t buy blindly. It will cause a more serious hearing loss.

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