Protect residual hearing and prevent deafness

The rich and the poor have the right to listen!

For patients with limited economic conditions, the price of hearing aids is often high!

Among them, many patients gave up the selection of hearing aids for this purpose, which led to the insensitivity of the auditory central sound signal and the gradual decline of language comprehension, as well as the further attenuation of residual hearing, and finally missed the most time to choose a hearing aid. Completely lost language ability, he was closed in a silent silent world.

In fact, the poor and rich people have the right to listen! The Jinghao medical hearing aid reminds you that even if you are currently unable to pay for the hearing aid products that you most expect or are most suitable for you, please choose a basic hearing aid as much as possible. To meet the basic needs of listening to keep your precious residual hearing.

Why can’t those particularly cheap hearing aids be used?

Many users call the dry ear to consult the hearing aid. The first question is always asking how much the hearing aid is. Whenever the audio bridge of the link is always difficult to give a quasi-cut answer. I can only say how much money the hearing aid has! And this answer is not much different from saying it, but it is true.

Everyone often heard that someone bought a hearing aid in a certain drug shop. Someone bought two or three hundred online hearing aids, and even dozens of them. Yes, there are such products, but he is not a regular hearing aid, but a so-called amplifier, the simulator that the industry calls. The shortcomings of this kind of products are very obvious: they are not fitted according to the patient’s hearing loss, and there is no function such as noise reduction and shock absorption, often accompanied by sharp whistling… The long-term use of the user’s hearing damage is very large.

The regular hearing aid, equivalent to a micro-computer, has its own operating platform, a unique operating system, calculates the correct compensation curve according to the user’s hearing loss, and maximizes the hearing needs.

  Jinghao medical hearing aid reminder:Hearing aids need to be professionally “fitted”. It is very important to choose a professional hearing aid fitting center and hearing aid fittings! You can call the Jinghao medical for any hearing problems, or you can come to the center to experience the experience. . Hearing aid free consultation phone: +86-18566295705

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