How can I tell if I have hearing loss?

More than 4.66 million people currently suffer from disability hearing loss. Nearly one in ten people are expected to suffer hearing loss by 2050.

Many causes of hearing loss can be prevented. Early detection and proper management of hearing loss can reduce its adverse effects.

As an adult, you may sufferHearing loss,in case:

• You often ask others to retell what they say and it’s hard to get involved in the conversation.
• You often need to increase the volume of your radio or TV
• You will often hear some conversations or listen to difficulties in a noisy environment
• You have tinnitus
• Others say that your voice is loud
• Unwilling to admit or isolate yourself

Your child may have hearing loss if he/she:

• No response to sound
• Can’t understand what you are saying correctly
• Slow or inappropriate speech development
• There is effluent in the ear
• Repeated ear pain or obstruction

If more than 1 problems exist in the above questions, you need to go to the hospital or hearing aid fitting center to perform hearing tests.

Let’s take a small test. Normal human hearing can feel the range of 20~20000Hz frequency sound. Listen, how many Hertz sounds can your ears hear? (Recommended to play the appropriate small sound in the middle)


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